Teacher of Distinction Award Ceremony

The Foundation For Tomorrow presented Teacher of Distinction Awards to ten teachers of Arusha City and Meru District Councils on October 5th, World Teachers' Day. Notable guests and other educators gathered at Arusha School to celebrate and honor teachers’ achievements. The awardees each received a certificate of recognition and a monetary prize. The District Commissioner of Arusha City, Mr.

School Club Establishment and Management Training

At the most recent training we conducted for the Personality Development and Sports (PDS) piloting project, both teachers and students benefitted from its positive impact. The objective of this PDS class is to teach students the skills to be independent, reliable, self-driven, responsible, and hard-working. PDS teachers agree that after the end of the students' studies, they

Childhood Development Training

TFFT believes in the best interest of every child. Therefore, all our programs and activities are focusing on the best opportunities for any child. In regards to this; not only do we focus on children under our care, but we also go beyond that. Our programs reach many children in government and private schools and children in the

Teacher Training Program Update

This past March 2016, our Teacher Training Program completed an in-service for Teacher Resource Center Coordinators (TRCCs) and Ward Education Coordinators (WECs) of Arusha City Council and Meru District. As an organization, TFFT has a strong belief that quality education transforms lives. This is one of the reasons that we invest ideas, time, and resources

Teacher Training

The Teacher Training Program conducted an inservice teachers training at Idetemya Secondary School in Mwanza last November and December after a conducting a training needs analysis exercise with the school in August 2015. This analysis aimed to identify the target participants’ training needs. As The Foundation For Tomorrow believes in the power of quality education, our

Full Circle Update: Personality Development and Sports

What a wonderful start to the year! With great pleasure, I would like to announce that at the beginning of our first quarter of 2016, TFFT's Full Circle Program has accomplished Teacher Training on the Personality Development and Sport (PDS) class at Arusha Modern and Usa River Academy. TFFT scholars attend both of these schools, and therefore,

TFFT Teacher of Distinction Award Day Ceremony

The Foundation For Tomorrow presented the Teacher of Distinction Award to ten teachers from Meru District on February 5, 2016. The award recipients each received a certificate of recognition and cash prize of 500,000 Tanzanian shillings (equivalent to $250). The awarding happened in the presence of officials and officers from the Meru District Education Office, headed

Annual Report—A Year of Growth

The Foundation For Tomorrow stands out as an organization thanks to the the people who make up our TFFT Family – our dedicated team, our scholars,  our generous and committed donors, and our partners and stakeholders. TFFT’s team works to make meaningful investments in the lives of Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children by providing access

Full Circle Update

In 2005, Tanzania introduced a class called Personality Development and Sports (PDS) into primary school curriculum. This class aims to educate students on communication, decision-making, health, sports, teamwork, citizenship, and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. However, limited curriculum and resources existed for PDS, and teachers were not trained to teach these topics. As a result, the

Eight Thousand Books, 11 Months, and a Dream Fulfilled

Books and reading are my biggest passions and I believe that my early introduction to books and libraries helped me get to where I am now...which is not too far really, but if you know where I came from you would appreciate my journey. Growing up, I was lucky to have the three things