Inter-School Competition for Secondary Students

June 9, 2017 TFFT's Full Circle Program has started the initial preparation for an inter-school competition that will take place in the first week of August. Last year, we hosted an essay writing and poster making competition that included participants from 52 primary schools in Meru District. This year, the competition will be for math, science, and essay

Usa River Academy Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club

April 3, 2017 TFFT's Full Circle Program introduced a Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club in our partner schools as an initiative to teach practical knowledge outside of the classroom. We meet after school and club activities help exercise critical and analytical thinking. We want to empower our scholars to use their talents and achieve their dreams through creative, innovative ideas. We

Full Circle Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club

February 21, 2017 Our Full Circle Program has initiated life skills clubs for secondary scholars at three of our partner schools, Arusha Modern School, Usa River Academy, and Star High School. The purpose of the clubs is to teach leadership skills, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and proper management of business. Our scholars and their peers at school practice their

Star High School Field Day

January 24, 2017 Our Full Circle Program started the year full of energy. We have plans for how to assist our scholars in being active, effective, collaborative, and learn new skills and ideas both in and out of school. We hosted a field day on January 21st for 25 TFFT Scholars from Star High School. This fun-filled day

TFFT Youth Camp

December 20, 2016 Today, we have a blog submission from TFFT alumni, Richard Augustino. Richard helped to facilitate the Life Skills Youth Camp last week for our scholars in secondary school. He shares his valuable perspective and key takeaways from the week's events. TFFT's Youth Camp offered five days full of important and useful experience

Life Skills Youth Camp

December 2, 2016 Providing youth with a life skills education is essential, and they should be exposed to this education at an early age. Unfortunately, in Tanzania life skills education is not included in our school curriculum. Most of the time, children do not learn these necessary skills at home or in school. These life skills include learning about

Meru District Inter-School Competition Winners

November 2, 2016 TFFT's Full Circle Program recently conducted an inter-school competition of essay writing and poster making for students at schools throughout Meru District. We aimed to promote healthy competition amongst the students and schools to develop interest in the importance of expressing one’s thoughts in oral or written manner effectively as well as the

Meru District Inter-School Competition

September 20, 2016 The Foundation for Tomorrow recognizes the importance of well-rounded and holistic education that extends beyond the classroom. TFFT provides life skills education through our Full Circle Program, where students learn necessary skills to help them make the most out of their lives. We provide this through co-curricular activities that enhance teachers' instruction in life skills

Full Circle Update – PDS Project Evaluation

August 17, 2016 It’s been a busy month of August for the Full Circle Program. A lot took place this month...luckily, we managed to accomplish everything planned! The FC Program planned to evaluate the PDS piloting program after a year and a half of implementation. We want to measure the impact of the PDS classes to the piloted schools.