At the most recent training we conducted for the Personality Development and Sports (PDS) piloting project, both teachers and students benefitted from its positive impact. The objective of this PDS class is to teach students the skills to be independent, reliable, self-driven, responsible, and hard-working. PDS teachers agree that after the end of the students’ studies, they want to see students gain the ability to manage their own lives, using entrepreneurship skills to do this.


In order to facilitate teaching these skills, teachers came up with the idea to form various clubs in their schools in order to shape students into the best version of themselves for the future. To make this happen effectively, TFFT’s Full Circle Program arranged a training to equip teachers with the knowledge and skill to run these after school clubs. We are happy to say that this training was a huge success!

We agreed to have clubs that are zero cent costs to run, and that was possible. We had a discussion for each school to think of what kind of clubs are suitable for them. Some of the clubs proposed include: painting and drawing, gardening and seeding, acrobatics, cooking, poetry and gift making, and debate, among many more.


I am glad because students from these schools will have the opportunity to experience some manual work, which will help them learn how to earn some money. When they are back at home, scholars can engage in these activities to earn some profit and help feed the family. Also, they can teach siblings and parents how to cook, gardening, etc.

I will follow up on this to see the progress at school. Teachers are ready to support and volunteer their free time to help run school clubs. With these clubs in place, our students will be confident and responsible citizens, adding values to their families and communities. Our piloting project helps Tanzanian schools to provide students essential life skills, gained through clubs. At TFFT, we saw the need, and following our mission, we implemented PDS through our Full Circle Program. We strive to help as many students as possible, both within our Scholarship Program, and outside of it, so that they may find employment and reach full potential in life. Stay tuned for an update about the progress of PDS and the school clubs. Thank you!