Meet our 2019 Share the LOVE Team Leaders!

This year will be our 7th year of SHARE the LOVE, a fun Valentine’s Challenge. Everyone has their own feelings about the Hallmark holiday that characterizes February. We at TFFT embrace the concept of Valentine’s Day as a way to simply SHARE the LOVE to the teachers and students we serve in Tanzania. Valentine’s

RIDETZ: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Originally posted on Giordana Cycling on October 25, 2018. RIDETZ is a 10-day cycling trip that benefits The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT), an organization that secures quality education and support for orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania. The epic mountain biking route takes participants from “Kili to the coast,” beginning at Mount Kilimanjaro, winding through rural Tanzania,

The Power of Influence: 12th Annual S.O.S. Gala

The end of summer is upon us, which is exciting for many reasons. The holidays quickly approach, parents get to send their kids back off to school, here at the TFFT office--and in many other places around the country--we say goodbye to the smoldering summer heat. But the most exciting thing about the end

Reflecting on RIDETZ 2018

Our RIDETZ 2018 participants have been back home and settling into post-ride life for almost a month now and, like all riders after their first trip, are asking themselves, "What's next?!" The nine riders had quite a journey--filled with breathtaking views, dust and dirt, high fives, big hills, scrapes and bruises, many laughs, and personal

Teacher of Distinction Award

TFFT believes quality education transforms lives and that teachers and school leaders both play key roles in achieving this. TFFT works to improve the quality of instruction and management in primary and secondary schools. To do so, teachers need to feel valued and inspired! With this is mind, TFFT awards select teachers in Meru and

“Going Places” with TFFT!

Laine Boswell, our Seattle Ambassador, a long time TFFT supporter, and sponsor has used her passion and gifts to create an amazingly unique product in honor of TFFT. We so enjoy being able to weave what our TFFT Family loves to do with our mission - enhancing not only our work in Tanzania, but each others


We are truly FEELING the LOVE! This year's group of Team Leaders deserves many thanks for all of the time and effort they dedicated to our SHARE the LOVE, benefitting our TFFT scholars and teachers. In this year's challenge, we had leaders from across the world, representing North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We had

Introducing Our SHARE the LOVE Team Leaders

We are excited for our SHARE the LOVE Challenge to continue through February 14th! We have 10 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE the LOVE this season. Today, meet the challenge’s superstar Team can make a contribution to one of their campaigns! We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these individuals

A Year of Strong Investments: Meet Katie Caniglia

In 2018, We are making strong investments. We want to build momentum through our doers, donors, and door openers. Every step of the way, each of you are part of this bigger energy, and our goal is to help you see what role you play in our success and feel the glow to help others

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You: S.O.S. Gala 2017

Wow! Thank you for lighting the way with us. What an evening to remember. On Saturday, November 11th, 175 donors, doers, and door-openers came together in Charlotte, North Carolina for our 11th annual South of the Sahara Gala, to celebrate the power that education can have to transform lives. We were reminded once again how