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Investing in students

We offer orphan and vulnerable children the opportunity to succeed through access to quality schooling, health and psychosocial support, and life skill programs.

By investing in students, TFFT has grown and matured into a true change agent and advocate, developing sustainable pathways toward opportunity by offering students access to quality education and individualized care. 

TFFT’s programs are focused on depth, as much as breadth, and our comprehensive Scholarship Program provides school fee payments, basic school needs, medical insurance for every scholar, psychosocial support through individualized developmental guidance and counseling, and mentorship and career coaching. TFFT grounds education in a Whole Child Approach to account for the different ways young people grow, develop, and learn. In addition to providing tuition and board at one of TFFT’s 17 partner schools, TFFT offers personalized developmental guidance through our Career Coaching and Mentorship Program. Our Health and Psychosocial Program ensures the well-being of our scholars. Our Life Skills Program teaches essential life skills, builds confidence, and deepens personal understanding.  

In addition to supporting our scholars, we impact the lives of other scholars through our Teacher Training Program

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