The Foundation For Tomorrow presented Teacher of Distinction Awards to ten teachers of Arusha City and Meru District Councils on October 5th, World Teachers’ Day. Notable guests and other educators gathered at Arusha School to celebrate and honor teachers’ achievements. The awardees each received a certificate of recognition and a monetary prize. The District Commissioner of Arusha City, Mr. Fabrian Gabriel Dagaro, was the guest of honor for this special occasion. Teachers, education officers, and other educators collectively congratulated teachers for their achievements educating the children of Tanzania.  


Many of us present at the award ceremony are who we are because of dedicated teachers.

Let us appreciate the hard work that all teachers do. Let us thank teachers for their tenacity and commitment, for their generosity and influence. 

Here are some reasons why we should appreciate teachers: Teachers are role models! Teachers care! Teachers empower! Teachers challenge! Teachers inspire!


The selection process for most outstanding teachers was long and fairly executed. Each stage of the process was well documented. The criteria used were: commitment to all students, active involvement of students in relevant learning opportunities, creation of learning environments that stimulate student interest in learning, and demonstrated excellence in teaching. We used a rating scale and observations to judge the awardees. The panel of judges included representatives from the Education Department of Arusha and Meru, lecturers from the University of Arusha, and TFFT team members. In the end, ten teachers were selected for the Teacher of Distinction Award 2016, five teachers from Arusha City Council and five teachers from Meru District.


At TFFT, we believe in the power of this award to motivate teachers to become a force for good in their students’ lives. This award also provides additional resources and in-service training to teachers. This is a solid reason for TFFT to provide this award to teachers in each year.

The teachers and other educators felt inspired and valued in terms of their hard work and contribution in providing education to the children Tanzania. Teachers need to have strong passion. Thank you to all teachers for all that you do for the children of Tanzania!