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Investing In Community


Our goal is to create a ripple effect for scholars and teachers to have a positive impact in their communities that will allow a much larger percentage of Tanzanians to thrive. Education is power and can be a change agent for everyone. Beyond investing in teachers and students, TFFT is investing in the community through an interactive Community Learning Centre, allowing quality education to meet the learner where they are.

TFFT initiatives engage members of the community in diverse ways because we know that sustainable systemic change happens at a community level. Our Scholarship Program and Teacher Training Program impact more than just students and teachers. The impact of investing in students and teachers penetrates widely throughout the communities, fostering empowerment among community members.


Through a shared belief that education is an integral part of Tanzania’s social and economic development, TFFT has built a strong relationship with the Tanzanian government and local partners. This has ensured that our efforts are culturally and politically sensitive and sound. Government officials value our efforts and embrace the resources we have provided, working with TFFT to develop strategies for broader application nationwide. We take pride in our trusted partners to continue to ensure educational equity for Tanzanians moving forward. The opportunity ahead — to establish lasting change and a hopeful future for all children in Tanzania with our community partners— is monumental.