105 Destinies

105. To many this is just another number, but to the TFFT family it is our 2020 goal. 105 destinies are in our hands to impact, carefully guide, and support them to reach their goals. In such a time as now when life as we know it is shaken, we can only imagine what goes

Hongera Sana Graduates!

Hongera sana (huge congratulations) graduates!  Asimwe’s favorite subject in school is art and in her free time, she loves to study fashion. She  dreams of becoming a fashion designer one day. Nisima’s favorite subject in school is social studies and she, like her twin sister Asimwe, hopes to be a designer in the future.

Learner Growth and Development in the Face of Adversity

50 of our scholars have a single parent, 39 scholars have lost both parents, and only 16 scholars have both a mother and a father. The Foundation For Tomorrow's scholars are selected through a formal identification and verification process, ensuring that the most needy and vulnerable children are accepted into our program. Many students that

From Scholar Support to Alumni Success

This month, The Foundation For Tomorrow has been excited to share letters from recent TFFT graduates, and now proud alumni, Joachim Filbert and Irene Peter. These notes provide a window into the world of our alumni, and their hopes and dreams for the future. We believe one of the greatest strengths of our work

A Letter to the High School Graduate, 2019

Today we are featuring a letter from one of our alumni and young leaders, Irene Peter. Irene was part of our scholarship program from 2008-2016 and is now studying at Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Irene took the initiative to write this letter for our upcoming high school graduates. Her letter celebrates the

Selfhood Begins with Walking Away

"Selfhood begins with a walking away/ And love is proved in the letting go." – Robert Cecil Day Lewis This week Einoth Labikie Laizer and her mum Elisifa visited the TFFT office for a consultation with TFFT Staff. Einoth has been with TFFT for 5 years (having joined the programme from Form 1, which

2019 Graduates & College Students

The Foundation For Tomorrow scholarship last up to two years after Form 4 education. This gives a TFFT scholarship beneficiary option of either joining A-level studies after the Form 4 graduation or go directly to college courses to prepare for a professional career. It is TFFT's belief that after two years post Form 4