The Foundation For Tomorrow stands out as an organization thanks to the the people who make up our TFFT Family – our dedicated team, our scholars,  our generous and committed donors, and our partners and stakeholders. TFFT’s team works to make meaningful investments in the lives of Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children by providing access to a quality education. Through a sustainable approach, we strive to live out our mission by focusing on both the depth and scope of TFFT’s reach.

This 2014 Annual Report shares our progress. While we’ve already begun 2016, we believe there is still great value in the report’s content and we want you to understand the impact you have made on our work.

In 2014 TFFT saw development and expansion. All programs grew the reach of their services and our team grew in size. We would love to share with you some of the milestones that TFFT achieved in 2014. Success would not be possible without the generous commitments of those who make up our support network.


In the pages of our Annual Report, you will see the impact that your support has on the lives of so many of Tanzania’s most vulnerable children. This Annual Report elaborates on the growth and accomplishments of each of our programs.

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The report outlines the success our scholars have seen as a result of more focused and wider reaching program services. It discusses the Scholarship Program, Psychosocial and Health, Full Circle, Teacher Training, and Partnership Development.

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As you can see, all contributions to TFFT make a difference. Your shared belief in the limitless potential of our scholars and your continued investment in their education and well-being unfolds as both our history and future. Your continued support at TFFT’s annual events, galas, campaigns, and fundraisers brings hope to our scholars.

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We also provide a glimpse into the RIDETZ experience, a 400-mile bike ride that raises money and awareness for TFFT. The next RIDETZ adventure is coming up this summer, June 18th-July 2nd, 2016! We invite you to participate in this great opportunity to experience firsthand how hard work yields fruitful rewards for our scholars and stakeholders.

Our team extends many thanks to Causality for our beautifully designed 2014 Annual Report, and, of course, to YOU for helping to make all of our efforts possible! Asante sana!


Caiti Kengott