Introducing Molly!

April 13, 2018


Hello blog readers, internet browsers, and TFFT advocates! My name is Molly Grubbs and I’m thrilled to be the new Communications and Marketing Associate for The Foundation For Tomorrow!

Though TFFT has team members all around the globe, I am currently based in our Charlotte, NC office. I love being here because Charlotte has so much to offer and is where I grew up, so I get to be close to my awesome parents. I live in the wonderful Plaza Midwood neighborhood with my boyfriend, Whit, and my cat, Tubman (yes, as in Harriet). In my free time, I love being outside, reading, perusing the aisles of Target, cuddling with Tubman, and spending time with my family and friends.

Growing up in Charlotte, I benefited from a system that allowed me to be safe, happy, and empowered. In high school, I was involved with another Charlotte based nonprofit, Playing for Others (PFO), that helped nurture and grow my love for the arts. Due to my time with PFO, I began at Appalachian State University in the beautiful NC mountains as an Art Management major, wanting to combine my love of art with something society has deemed more practical…business!

My sophomore year of college, I began taking elective classes in the Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies department. That was when I first truly learned that not everyone has the same accessibility, safety and advantages that I do, and it was when I first felt the need to use my privilege to ensure that all people have access to these same kinds of freedom. I continued taking Women’s Studies classes, fell in love with the coursework, and ended up making it my major. I felt a fire light under me that I had never felt before–one that fueled my desire to pursue a career fighting for human rights.

I began post-grad life by moving to Asheville, North Carolina to work for a domestic violence prevention nonprofit. Shortly after, I received a job offer from a Charlotte based nonprofit, providing housing and other resources for human trafficking survivors. I loved working in the nonprofit world and felt very connected to my clients, but always knew something was lacking in my positions prior to TFFT. I missed having the opportunity to be creative and I was becoming emotionally burnt out, due to the often heavy nature of working in direct services. I wanted to be somewhere that I could use my creativity and artistic background, help others while also taking care of myself, and have a job that I knew was making a difference in someone’s life besides my own. Enter…TFFT!

Typography by Bob and Roberta Smith

I learned about TFFT only a short while before I began working here, through a handy dandy google search! When I saw the posting for the position as Communications and Marketing Associate, I instantly knew that I wanted to apply. I have always viewed art as a form of activism. This position allows me to express myself creatively and use visual storytelling to communicate the important work that TFFT does and inspire others to feel as passionately about our mission as we do. I am honored to be a part of the TFFT family and am so excited to begin this journey with you all!

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With Gratitude: Lighting The Way at the Arusha Gala

March 14, 2018

Meghann, our Founder and Executive Director, discusses the outstanding outcome of our Arusha, TZ Gala this past weekend and the impact made by all of the gracious guests of the evening!
TFFT Family,
WOW – we are so excited with how the weekend’s event went, it was an evening to remember. Thank you so much for being a part of our success.  We were reminded once again how our collective passion magnifies our impact as we push forward lighting the way for the children and teachers we serve. Thank you for helping us celebrate the power of education!
Together we raised $15,825 USD.  These funds will help fuel TFFT’s ability to continue our important work. From helping our scholars maintain healthy minds and bodies, to arming teachers with crucial tools to be effective in the classroom, to showcasing examples of excellence for others to pursue, each and every dollar raised will have a profound impact on the fulfilment of our mission. Thank you to the sponsors who made this event possible – George Mavroudis, George’s TavernSt. Constantine’s School for the venue, TGT for the tent, Singita Serengeti, Caitrin Breslin and Justin Trappe!
We are so grateful for those who donated gifts of time, talent and dollars! We also want to thank those who contributed to our auction – as that itself brought in almost $10,000 on Saturday. Rebekah Jasmine,Townhouse Arusha/Lela Mavroudis, Kazkazi Horse Safaris  Dom LeverSidai  Leen SamynGibbs FarmMt. Meru Game LodgeLouise HillShanga  Kili Golf  Polo Safari Club/Golf&Wildlife Resorts, & BeyondNomad Trust, Air Excel and Sanctuary Retreats! If you left your auction items with us they are available to collect at any point in our office on Old Moshi Road, in King Solomon House, opposite Mafao House – top floor.
As I look back on this weekend and TFFT’s 11 year journey, I am humbled by the fundamental influence each of you has had on our success. We are proud to call Arusha our home! I continue to reflect on where we started, how the power of one turned into the power of ten, which turned into the power of thousands, influencing countless lives – we could not have done it without each of you! Thank you for not only helping make this event a success, but for learning about our work, our story and sharing it with those you work with, and those who are your friends.
As we move into this second decade, we continue to celebrate your influence, which has helped us grow and thrive. I hope the energy in the tent on Saturday carries forward into new collaborations, partnerships and donors. Please post your pictures with the hashtag #LightingTheWay or #FaceofTFFT from the night. We will also post the professional photographs tomorrow on TFFT’s Facebook page. Learn more about TFFT Scholar Fatuma’s reality and how your contribution has helped transformed her life here.
Remember when we focus on our students, teachers, and quality educational opportunities, we are allowing these individuals to have their own power of influence, the opportunity to thrive in their communities, and the chance to impact others on a greater scale! Thanks again for being a part of our TFFT Family. Please feel free to reach out to Melissa and I to learn more about how you can be a part of our work throughout the year!
In Service,

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Service Through Sport: The Creation and Collaboration of TeamTFFT

March 2, 2018

It’s a Friday Feature! Katie Caniglia, long-time donor, supporter, volunteer, and friend of The Foundation For Tomorrow discusses the creation and collaboration of TeamTFFT, and joining her passion with our mission in service through sport for all.

How you find your way to push past your perceived limits and pursue ways to be impactful starts with WHY. WHY you pursue something is far more important than what or how and where you pursue it. Motivation doesn’t exist without reason. Without WHY. You can’t go anywhere without it.

Seeking what ignites a spark in you, rather than what you’re good at, comfortable with, or qualified for has been my game changer. Though not always an easy or well-defined approach, it has been a key component of my WHY, yielding sacred moments that have surpassed my wildest dreams – into jungles and deserts, across oceans, to the tops of mountains and to the depths of heart-wrenching disaster areas. Inequality, injustice, people in need, all ignite a spark in me. A good physical challenge (of any sort) ignites a spark in me. Learning ignites a spark in me. Combine all of that with a competitive nature and desire to serve and will you not only understand who I am, but also have the foundation for my newest role in support of TFFT.

There is a longer story to detail how I first connected with The Foundation For Tomorrow, but it can be simplified to these short yet significant phrases – I accepted an invitation. I wanted to learn more.

At 31 years old, I knew little about the world of endurance sports and nothing about triathlons, but I believed the process of learning by doing would be good for me and could do good for others. I allowed myself two years to train for and finish all four triathlon distances (sprint, Olympic, Half-iron and Full-iron). July of 2012, in Lake Placid NY, I crossed the finish line of my first Ironman and raised just over $4,000 for the global hunger relief organization, Stop Hunger Now (now Rise Against Hunger). I felt accomplished but not finished.

The combination of endurance sports and fundraising for people in need was electric. It was motivating and more rewarding than I anticipated. However, the fundraising tools available to me were limited and limiting. In search of a better solution, a way to empower people taking on challenges to do good for those in need without limitations, I decided to take what I learned and create ITRIFORGOOD (ITFG). WHY I wanted to push forward propelled me to figure out HOW to push forward.

I created an online fundraising platform to be a force multiplier for good. A platform that facilitated a meaningful new relationship between powerful communities – the endurance world, deserving non-profits, and the support networks of both. The entire development was personally funded and allowed us to strip away fees for the fundraiser so that every non-profit received 100% of the donations raised on their behalf. Everyone was welcome. Athletes (all ages and abilities) chose their event and their charity or NPO. It was incredibly personal. There wasn’t anything like it.

If you ran the numbers to calculate ITFG’s impact (number of athletes, organizations supported, dollars raised), you would miss the truest measurement of our success. ITFG found strength in the pursuit of quality over quantity. Our success was in knowing the story of every athlete and helping share the circumstances that motivated each of them to race with reason (their WHY). These intangibles – these things you can’t easily quantify were the very heart of ITFG’s mission.

As good as this was, it wasn’t scalable or sustainable in the long term exactly as it was designed. To stand out or even just to find footing in the increasingly crowded space of online fundraising platforms, ITFG would require a significant infusion of capital and a larger team with an expanded skillset. It would take time to realize that more options existed for ITFG besides expanding or closing. While driving back to Arusha from Pangani in 2016 after my second RIDETZ, the path forward for ITFG and service through sport came into focus.

Meghann, a life-long runner, had been using sport as part of her equation too. Aside from her responsibilities as TFFT’s Executive Director, every year Meghann accepts the challenge of running the Kilimanjaro Half Marathon and raising awareness and funds for TFFT. She even convinced me to join her in 2013 despite the fact that I do not share her love of running.

RIDETZ furthered my appreciation for Meghann and TFFT’s roots of service through sport. There was opportunity here beyond ITFG’s partnership with TFFT as a fundraising platform and my family’s personal support for TFFT. Though the decisions to close ITFG and build Team TFFT were mutually exclusive, the connectedness of the two already existed and the opportunity for one to transform the other was real.

The heart of ITFG, along with the platform’s capabilities and technology, could surpass the lifespan of the organization for which it was created. TFFT had already created space for service through sport and found great energy and support within their communities around the concept. Once again, and not surprisingly, Meghann (& Kaitlin), welcomed new ideas and energy to the table in service to their mission. With constant development help from my trusted friends at WebStation and many emails, conversations and phone calls later, Team TFFT started to take shape.

Today, Team TFFT is a platform. It’s also a program and a growing community of individuals and groups who choose to turn their energy into opportunity. Team TFFT is service through sport. We believe in pushing outside your comfort zone and past perceived physical boundaries in pursuit of something greater than oneself, by supporting the life changing educational programs and initiatives of The Foundation For Tomorrow.

To play a role in helping TFFT fulfill their mission, in a unique way that is meaningful and speaks to my heart, is an invaluable gift. I love the ability to know athletes, hear their stories, learn about the challenges that speak to them and support their efforts of service through sport. For those who join us in Tanzania for one of our Key Events, it’s especially exhilarating. Being present in Tanzania to witness TFFT’s work firsthand and experience the culture, land, and people adds layers of perspective and impact.

Making an impact, however, is not limited to those who physically go. One of the greatest aspects of Team TFFT is accessibility. Team TFFT provides opportunity for a growing network of doers, door-openers and donors to work together whether that happens at home or from as far away as East Africa.

Find out more at

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Why Teachers: Spotlight on The Ripple Effect of Teacher Training at Leganga Primary School

February 23, 2018

It’s another Friday Feature! We are thrilled with the outpouring of support and interest in our new Classroom Champions Program. This initiative is a perfect addition to the core of our mission: supporting students and supporting teachers. Melissa, our Country Director, discusses another Teacher Training/ripple effect success story through the eyes of Mrs. Violet Kimambo.


Championing success through creation of teaching aids in literacy/numeracy at Leganga Primary School

The Background:

Leganga Primary School is one of the public schools in the Meru District. Hadija Msangi, a class 5 and 6 teacher at Leganga Primary School participated in a 3-day Early Literacy training coordinated by The Foundation For Tomorrow [TFFT]. After the training,  Mrs. Msangi paid it forward and provided a briefing of the training to the Head-Mistress of Leganga, Mrs. Violet Kimambo.

TFFT visited Leganga Primary and interviewed Mrs. Kimambo [The Head-Mistress] on any significant changes taking place in Leganga as a result of the Early Literacy Training.

The Ripple Effect:

Mrs. Kimambo remembers this training well. She said, “After the briefing of the training at my school by Mrs. Msangi, who participated in the TFFT training, I decided to create a space for her to teach all teachers in our school how to create teaching aids. I bought some materials to support the teachers and developed a policy where all teachers were required to report out on the teaching aids used weekly to the Academic Master.”

“Secondly, I decided to move Mrs. Msangi (the teacher who participated in the training) from teaching class 4 and 6 to teaching class 2, as the knowledge and skills she gained from the Early Literacy Training was aimed even more to equip and empower educators in classes 1,2, and 3.”

Mrs. Kimambo adds, “Before Mrs. Msangi attended the TFFT training, we had many students who struggled to read and write. After the sharing of information by Mrs. Msangi and the creation of teaching aids by teachers to use in literacy and numeracy, our students’ reading and writing skills have improved tremendously.”

Mrs. Kimambo’s Advice:

“I challenge other teachers to identify and support best practice exhibited by teachers within the school since all teachers are gifted in different ways. We can all learn from each other and create an even greater outcome for our students.”


Since the beginning of the Teacher Training program, TFFT has contributed to the extended training of more than 350 teachers through a mix of direct and cascaded trainings and benefited more than 8,750 students. In the upcoming year, we will train 103 teachers, who will influence and ultimately impact 2,776 students. To create more chances for success stories like this one, become a Classroom Champion today through April 30th. 

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February 21, 2018

We are truly FEELING the LOVE! This year’s group of Team Leaders deserves many thanks for all of the time and effort they dedicated to our SHARE the LOVE, benefitting our TFFT scholars and teachers.

In this year’s challenge, we had leaders from across the world, representing North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We had many brand new faces, which brought new excitement and fresh ideas to the challenge. Our passionate veteran Team Leaders led the way and kept us committed to the mission.

Here at TFFT, we love to celebrate the power of influence. By sharing the possibilities of our collective impact with around 750 people, these 10 Team Leaders were able to raise $6,833!

These hard working, motivated individuals used their creativity to spread awareness about the widespread, sustainable impact that occurs through training excellent educators. We are amazed at the outpouring of love and generosity of our Team Leaders’ communities and grateful to all of our Team Leaders for using their voices to SHARE the LOVE!

Mary Hill, veteran Team Leader, represented TFFT in Scotland. We love her commitment to TFFT. She surpassed her ambitious goal! On top of interning in the TFFT Charlotte office, Cameron committed to supporting TFFT through selling t-shirts and sharing TFFT’s work with her friends and family. In addition to fundraising, she gathered her friends to make heaps of valentines to send to our scholars in Tanzania. They will be delighted to receive them!

Murphy brought the LOVE to Chapel Hill by sharing the possibility of our collective impact with friends and family. We are grateful to have her as a Team Leader for 5th consecutive year! Cate, first-time Team Leader, sold homemade valentines to SHARE the LOVE with TFFT. We love her creativity!

Ellie was another very impressive first-time Team Leader. She worked diligently to spread awareness among relatives and friends. Even as the youngest Team Leader of the bunch, Ellie proved the power she has to be the change! Quinn brought the sunshine and love from Florida. She rallied her school to make valentines for our TFFT scholars and advocated for our mission.

Perry and Violet SHARED the LOVE all the way from Italy! Perry, a first-time leader, and Violet, a returning Team Leader, were huge champions in sharing our work with their communities. Violet had the highest number of donations with 24, reminding us of the collective power we share to create a true ripple effect of change.

Kenia, first-time Team Leader and long-time TFFT supporter, brought the SHARE the LOVE campaign to South Carolina. Her passion for making change was essential to the success of the challenge. Richard, another first-time Team Leader and TFFT alum, shared his story of how TFFT influenced him to be the person he is today. We are so inspired by his desire to spark change. Richard worked hard and knocked it out of the park, surpassing his goal!

Once again, we are so grateful to all of these young adults for making SHARE the LOVE their own and educating others on TFFT as an organization and each individual’s lasting impact. YOUR power of influence matters.

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Why Teachers: Spotlight on Mr. Henry Sanga

February 16, 2018

It is an exciting time for TFFT, with the announcement in our January newsletter for our new Classroom Champions program: an addition that we look forward to engaging with the community on in the near future. More details to come, but in the meantime, Melissa, our Country Director and previous Teacher Training program leader, shares the true impact of our teachers through Outstanding Teacher Winner 2014, Mr. Henry Sanga.


“TFFT’s Teachers training has improved my student’s performance in their national exams and my capacity to create and testing teaching and learning techniques that engages students in their learning process” said Mr. Henry Sanga, a TFFT Most Outstanding Teachers awardee in 2014. He used to be a teacher at Star High School where TFFT conducted teachers training from 2011 to 2015. Currently, Mr. Sanga teaches English at Tengeru Boys’ Secondary School.

In his own words, teacher Henry Sanga said “Before participating in the TFFT’s teachers training my students were not performing as well as they perform now. Their performance has been improving since 2012 as a result of my application of teaching and learning techniques that I learned in the Teacher Training program. The trainings that I participated in includes: Classroom Management to maximize student learning, Understanding Learning Styles, Instructional Techniques and Methodologies, Developing Higher Order Thinking Skills and Planning For Effective Instruction. Star High School earning the number 5 position in English subject in the 2013 national exams is the result of my application of the lesson learned from my participation in TFFT’s trainings. After participating in one of the trainings, I started using teaching aids in all of my classes, applying different learner centered techniques like group work, student’s composed exams and marking scheme (i.e with my guidance—one class composes exam and marking scheme, administer the composed exam to another class and mark it), encouraging students to be creative and bring up their idea. All these techniques activated my students’ mind, make them to own their education, and in marking exams students learn how other students answer different questions in the exams.

After attending the leadership training which includes School Management Team mentoring its staff to support them, I decided to adopt it and introduce it to my students. At the end of every class lesson, I ask my students who needs support to pick a student who understood the lesson taught, work with them and report their learnings to me. I am doing this due to the acknowledgement that different students have different understanding and this approach makes students work as team and improve their relationship. This training made a difference and I became a better teacher because of it.”

Mr. Sanga continues to be thankful to The Foundation For Tomorrow for helping him excel as a teacher, implementing these strategies to help his students succeed today and throughout their life.


We are so excited to officially launch our Classroom Champions program and wanted to share a sneak peak for our supporters on the impact that can be made and the outstanding teachers that make our work so worth it! Email for more information or check out our Classroom Champions initiative online today.

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Introducing Our SHARE the LOVE Team Leaders

January 26, 2018

We are excited for our SHARE the LOVE Challenge to continue through February 14th! We have 10 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE the LOVE this season. Today, meet the challenge’s superstar Team Leaders…you can make a contribution to one of their campaigns! We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these individuals have with the challenge will inspire you to SHARE some LOVE with TFFT teachers and scholars.

Our Team Leaders this year will represent TFFT throughout the nation and even overseas! We have leaders who will be SHARING the LOVE from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We have a great group of leaders this year.

From left: Violet, Kenia, and Mary Hill

Violet joins our team again from the Charlotte Country Day School TFFT Club — but this time she’s spending the year studying abroad in Italy! Kenia joins us for the first time from Furman University in South Carolina. We cannot wait to see her strong belief in the power of education in action! Mary Hill has served as an intern for TFFT, spent time in Tanzania, and continued to show her support by beginning a TFFT Club at her high school. She is now in college in Scotland and continues to volunteer with TFFT in her free time.

Top left: Cameron, bottom left: Murphy, top right: Richard, bottom right: Cate

Cameron joins TFFT as both an intern and a Team Leader! We are so excited to use her passion throughout the coming months and are so fortunate to have her on board. Murphy is a Team Leader for the fifth time! We are so grateful for her commitment to spreading awareness of TFFT’s mission in a personal way. Richard is a first time Team Leader, but you may recognize him as our outstanding TFFT alumnus currently enrolled in college in Seattle, Washington! Cate joins us from Meyers Park High School. She is bring her passion for calligraphy to the challenge and will be selling homemade valentines. We are so excited to see her art inspire others!

Top left: Perry, bottom left: Quinn, right: Ellie

Perry is a first time Team Leader from Providence Day in Charlotte, who is also spending the year studying abroad in Italy. We know that she will make such a positive impact on the campaign’s success. Quinn is a long time supporter of TFFT’s work and first-time Team Leader. We are so excited to have her bring the Florida sunshine to the challenge. Ellie is excited to join SHARE the LOVE for the first time as a team leader and is passionate about sharing TFFT’s meaningful work. We can’t wait to see all her creative ideas put into action!

Thank you so much to our wonderful Team Leaders! We are so fortunate to have this group of motivated, enthusiastic young adults who will serve as 2018’s Team Leaders. We cannot wait to see what SHARE the LOVE 2018 brings for teachers and their students. You can SHARE the LOVE too! Each year, we send homemade Valentines to the TFFT Scholars. Gather your friends and family to craft Valentines and we will hand deliver them in Tanzania! You can read more information here.

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SHARE the LOVE 2018

January 22, 2018








The sixth year of TFFT’s fun SHARE the LOVE challenge has begun! This year, we have 9 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE the LOVE this season!

We are thrilled these compassionate and driven Team Leaders have committed their time to spreading awareness of TFFT’s work. Their hard work proves that when we work together, we can all make a difference!

The challenge runs now through February 14th, and each Team Leader will ask family and friends to make small contributions of $5, $10, or $20 to support the children and teachers we serve. Even though a small donation may not seem significant, SHARE the LOVE shows us that what starts out as something small really can have a life-changing impact.

You can SHARE the LOVE too!

This campaign presents a fun opportunity for YOU to send some homemade love to TFFT scholars! Gather friends and family to craft valentines for the TFFT scholars. We will hand deliver them in Tanzania! You can read more information on this here.

Thank you so much to our wonderful Team Leaders! It is because of individuals like you that our scholars are able to have the opportunity to thrive in life and teachers are empowered to build leaders in their classroom.

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12 Reasons To Add Biking Across Tanzania To Your Bucket List

January 19, 2018

Whether you’re a seasoned biker or just like going out for a spin, join The Foundation For Tomorrow on the experience of a lifetime. Register and roll with us:

1. See 400 miles of beautiful Tanzania, from Mount Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean.


2. Meet and be inspired by local Tanzanians.

One of the most special things about Tanzanians is their ability to create. Spend 10 days crossing the country by bike and you will meet so many different individuals, seeing the way they live and what they value.

While Africa seems so far away and like one place to many people, Tanzania is just one of over 50 countries on the continent. Tanzania is a unitary republic with a President as head of state. one third of the population is Muslim, another one third are Christians, and the remaining one third follow different religions. The official language is Swahili with English being the de facto language used in the government and global economy. Most tribal languages are spoken first, then Swahili, and English in education. There is about 120 different tribes in Tanzania that have been categorized into 5 ethnic groups distinguishable by their physical characteristics and languages.

3. Build new friendships with your fellow bike warriors as you work to achieve a goal bigger than yourselves.

Each day will be both emotionally and physically draining. Whether you come with friends or you make new friends on the ride, the common thread of doing something hard to improve the chances of orphan and vulnerable children thriving will unite you.

4. See all kinds of wildlife.

While we steer clear of national parks so we don’t have run ins with antelope and lions, our traffic challenges tends to be traffic in the way of goats, camels, and cows.

5. Prove to yourself that you’re capable of much more than you thought possible.

6. Be led by adventure travel experts that know and love Tanzania.

7. Travel off the beaten path Tanzania.

This unscripted journey across Tanzania is not something you will see in your friends itineraries, it is unique in its path and its execution.

8. Camp each night in a new and beautiful place under the African stars.

Have your night be lit up by the iconic, untouched night sky (it is truly one of the most spectacular things we have ever witnessed).

9. Bike through all types of terrain.

The Challenge is held close to the equator in Tanzania, East Africa. The route starts outside Arusha, the safari capital of East Africa. From here it heads across to the slave & trading routes from Kilimanjaro to the Indian Ocean. On route it ascends into the ancient crystalline Eastern Arc mountain ranges of the Usambara before descending all the way to Pangani, a former gateway to the world.

In the immediate area of our expedition there are some key features that you cannot avoid seeing. Most of the obvious mountains and mountain ranges are all as a result of igneous intrusions – lava and superheated rock coursing through weak points in the earth’s crust and in some cases, erupting right out through the surface to create volcanoes.

Mt Meru is the starting point for our challenge and from it’s base we head East. Kilimanjaro will be hard to miss for at least 2 days and yet to the south much more ancient mountain ranges are also obvious. From the first day of riding looking south you will see the Lalatema Mountains. The mountains have become exposed over time and were initially hidden beneath the earth’s surface. As molten lava intruded beneath the earths surface it melted the country rock around it – creating metamorphic rocks. These mountains are special – they contain rare gems such as Tanzanite, only found right here.

As we head towards Kilimanjaro we eventually head South, along the Pangani valley. This valley is a trough. As the earth has split so a chunk of land has dropped down. Lying lower than the surrounding surfaces it has become an obvious route for water, the Pangani river system.

Further down we head East once again, through and around the Pare mountains, and then ascend into the Usambaras. These are part of the Eastern Arc mountains and are ancient mountains that have been standing proud for over 250 million years (and more!). As ecological islands they have a wide array of endemic species of reptiles, birds and even mammals. Dropping down from the Usambaras we head to the coast and before reaching the coast a noticeable drop can be seen which a shelf is created by the formerly high water levels.

10. Unplug and spend 10 days refocusing

On yourself and what matters most – physically remove yourself from the clutter that we all become used to and enjoy !

11. Experience unscripted Tanzania

This trip is far from staged. RIDETZ is your chance to truly understand and connect with Tanzania at its core: its culture, people, and land.

12. Bike for a cause bigger than yourself

By raising money for The Foundation For Tomorrow’s fight to provide educational opportunities for orphans and vulnerable children while working to improve the quality of teacher instruction, classroom resources, as well as school management, to ensure widespread, sustainable impact across Tanzania.

All photography and videography from The Image is Found and Halle Project. Map from

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Why Students? Why Teachers?

January 12, 2018

Our founder and Executive Director, Meghann, discusses our focus on student and teachers, why both populations matter, and the goal of the ripple effect across communities…the power of education can truly transform lives. All images copyright of The Image Is Found


Welcome back and Happy New Year. As we start the year off fresh and reignited, I wanted to spend some time sharing with you, our TFFT Family, why we invest in teacher and in students, and what we envision it will do for the communities we serve.

Our mission is to secure quality education and emotional support for orphan and vulnerable children so that they may reach their full potential and thrive in their communities.

TFFT focuses on addressing vulnerability using the power of education. When we say we invest in students, we are talking about offering orphan and vulnerable children the opportunity to succeed through access to quality schooling, health and psycho-social support and life skills programs.  When we discuss our investment in teachers, we are referring to our efforts to improve the quality of instruction by training excellent educators, providing access to quality resources and training of school management to ensure widespread, sustainable impact.

Our intent is that through investing in these two groups, we can empower individuals to become change agents in their own communities and stronger leaders for our world.  It is why I give my time, talent and financial resources to The Foundation For Tomorrow.

TFFT has worked in Tanzania for over a decade. We began by providing orphan and vulnerable children access to quality education through enrollment in private boarding schools. As TFFT evolved, we developed and implemented programs to compliment and enhance our scholars’ education. We continued to evolve and start to look at the whole child, simply based on the need to provide our scholars with life-skills lessons such as health and hygiene. We then designed our Teacher Training Program to improve the quality of educational instruction at our partner schools, and now focus on supporting scholars and teachers in both private and government schools. We see teachers as the front line of defense, our partners in ensuring vulnerable children can reach their full potential and truly thrive. The goal is to create a ripple effect across Tanzanian communities through a strong educational foundation for those our program touches.

Investing in our teachers’ growth matters. On top of being a main goal set by the UN in their 2030 agenda, ensuring quality education for all is the right thing to do. Our organization sees it as a moral obligation we have to our next generation. Teachers are central to achieving access to high quality and equitable education for all learners. Research in diverse countries and education systems show that teachers are the biggest in-school influence on student achievement and learning, especially for disadvantaged students. The success of education objectives and reform depends on solving teacher shortages where they exist, creating conditions for teacher motivation and a sense of professional responsibility as key factors in individual learning and education system success.  (UNESCO – Teacher Policy Education Guide)

A child’s right to primary school education is non-negotiable, regardless of the child’s wider family economic, cultural or social background. However, for children living in a family extreme poverty, the likelihood of access and completing their primary school education is sustainably reduced. Their best chance to escape extreme poverty is through education, which can empower youth to make the best choices for themselves and their communities.  When you deny a child access to primary schooling, you are stripping them of their dignity (ATD Forth World – Tanzania, Access to Primary School Education For Children Living in Extreme Poverty). We see power in equipping the next generation with the tools they need to lift themselves up. That is why we invest in students as well as the teachers whose work in the classroom can change the trajectory of an individual’s life!

Thank you to Meghann for getting us even more excited for the new year and why we do what we do to influence what the power of education can truly do for so many. Stay tuned for how we will invest even more in teachers in 2018 with our supporters’ help around the world.

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