Looking Up To A Happy 2016

February 9, 2016


As the year begins, we are looking up to some exciting new engagements with key local partner organizations that will help in achieving important activities in nurturing our scholars. This is through our engagement with Restless Development and UMATI.

As a youth lead international organization, Restless Development has been working in supporting youth initiatives and building the capacity for youth to become leaders and game-changers in their community. Since Restless Development is also based in Tanzania, TFFT has identified it as one of the partners we would like to work with so that our scholars can also be the beneficiaries of the knowledge, skills, and trainings provided by this organization’s work.

TFFT’s Scholarship Program will partner with Restless Development to connect our scholars, especially those who have graduated from form 4 and form 6, with volunteering opportunities in regions where Restless Development operates. This will occur during the scholars’ leave time, when they are waiting to continue with further studies. We are also excited to see the involvement of our Scholarship Program alumni in this volunteering work. This will help to sharpen their skills in preparation for job acquisition. 

The volunteering session takes place during a 3 month period. Participant involvement includes trainings in leadership, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and reproductive health community services and providing youth trainings in schools. Then, participants volunteer in community services and in youth trainings in schools.


While our Scholarship Program begins work with Restless Development, our Full Circle Program will engage with UMATI to provide education on reproductive health to our scholars. UMATI has been working since 2000 in providing holistic Sexual and Reproductive Health services focusing on adolescents and youths aged 10 – 24 years as their primary clients. Access to this knowledge is important for TFFT scholars. The Full Circle Program will implement activities this year to bring together all of our scholars, in various age groups, to be educated on sexual and reproductive health. This will provide our scholars with self-awareness and the ability to maintain safety and health in their adolescence and maturity.

Morogoro clinic umati1

We are excited about our new partnerships, so that we can better provide these services to our scholars. We look forward to the prosperity that these partnerships will bring to the future of TFFT!

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Universal Children’s Day 2015

February 4, 2016

The United Nations recommends that all countries institute a Universal Children’s Day, to observe the general well-being of all children throughout the world. The UN adopted The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which outlines basic children’s rights including the rights to life, health (mental and physical), and education. TFFT strives to uphold the UN’s mission to promote a positive global living environment for children through dialogue and action.

hedwiga blog

Universal Children’s Day was a special day for The Foundation For Tomorrow, as this was when we presented the Most Outstanding Children Center Awards for 2015. In September 2015, we invited candidates in the Arusha Region to apply for the award and received applications from three districts. TFFT partnered with Social Welfare in all seven districts of the Arusha region. We had the opportunity to visit high score children centers in the districts (pictured below).

hedwiga blog

Representative of Arusha Regional Commission and guest of honor, Mrs. Blandina Nkini, addressed the people. She commended TFFT for recognizing the importance of children center awards and encouraged center owners to provide the best possible care for the children, as this will help shape a more stable and successful future for Tanzania. She was also very happy to see that TFFT is doing the work the government should do to make sure centers are providing better care for children.

hedwiga blog

A total of twelve children homes applied for the award, from the Karatu, Monduli, and Meru Districts. All applicants received a framed certificate, and the two regional winners were from Monduli and Karatu.


hedwiga blog

In the Monduli District, we visited Majengo Children’s Home, a unique, community owned center. Rift Valley Children’s Fund was the regional winner in Karatu. They work closely with local areas and support many projects within the community.

hedwiga blog

Our winner for MOCA 2015 is Small Steps For Compassion, a home in the Meru District. This home exhibits more sustainable practices and works on projects to strengthen independence by providing care for children in the center with less donor support.

hedwiga blog

The representative of Arusha Regional Commission and coordinator of the overall process  also said, “children homes should find time to visit each other so that they learn where they need to improve for better care of the children in the homes.”

hedwiga blog

The award is presented annually by TFFT in collaboration with the Tanzanian Government. The Ministry of Health and Community Development under District Social Welfare will be working together to recognize and award the most outstanding children center in order to encourage the centers to provide best possible care to the children in their homes. As an incentive, TFFT tries to publicize the presentation of awards.

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SHARE the LOVE 2016

February 2, 2016


Our theme for February is SHARE the LOVE, and this will be the fourth year of the fun Valentine’s Campaign Challenge. This year, we have 14 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE’n the LOVE this season!

STL tl 2

We are thrilled to have these capable and generous young adults serve as Team Leaders for this year’s challenge. The goals of our Team Leaders are to gather everyone they know and spread awareness of TFFT’s work, while ultimately showing that when working together, we can all make a difference!

STL tl 1

The challenge runs from February 1st through February 14th, and each Team Leader will ask family and friends to make small contributions of $5, $10, or $20 to support the vulnerable and deserving children we serve. Even though a small donation may not seem significant, SHARE the LOVE shows us that what starts out as something small really can have a life-changing impact!

You can SHARE the LOVE too!

Meet the Challenge’s phenomenal Team Leaders and make a contribution to one of their campaigns. We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these empowering individuals have with the challenge will inspire you to SHARE some LOVE!

This campaign also presents a fun opportunity to send some homemade love to TFFT scholars! Gather friends and family to craft valentines for the TFFT kiddos. We’ll hand deliver them in Tanzania! You can read more information on this here.


Thank you so much to our wonderful Team Leaders! It is because of individuals like you that our scholars are able to have the opportunity to thrive and succeed in life.

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Celebrating 2015

January 28, 2016


These Annual Reviews always make me happy. Together we are making big things happen. Our aspirations are bold, but it’s important to pause and acknowledge how far we have already come. (To really walk down memory lane, you can look back at reviews from 2012, 2013, and 2014!)

As we look back, we are grateful for all of you who stand behind The Foundation For Tomorrow. Your belief, encouragement, and generosity is a powerful force that propels us towards the equitable world of our dreams.

As Meghann says, the distance between reality and our dreams is action.

Let’s look back to see how we took action together and narrowed that distance in 2015!

TFFT 2015 Collage

In January we welcomed Ramon Richardson to our Charlotte office as our Director of Operations. Ray’s passion for education, extensive experience working for educational equity, and legal background make him an extraordinary addition to our team. In just one year, he has contributed greatly to TFFT’s growth and success.


In February, 9 young women stepped up as Team Leaders in the SHARE the LOVE Challenge and raised awareness and funds for TFFT! Many more of you showered our scholars with love through homemade valentines.

STL 2015 Collage

Annual Program Review offered time for reflection and planning. We use these action-packed sessions to share our progress and challenges of the previous year and to absorb ideas, lessons, and experiences from other stakeholders.


Meghann ran up a literal mountain to raise funds and awareness for QUALITY education in Tanzania. She also shared why her time in Tanzania gives her peace and reaffirms her passion.


The TFFT team organized a media workshop for 25 journalists who represent various nationwide media companies. Subsequently, a one-week media campaign in Arusha advocated for issues of the most vulnerable children and their access to quality education in Tanzania.


TFFT Scholar Nicemary poured her heart into JUST BE WITH US, an organization working to increase awareness of HIV/AIDS. Nicemary shared about her passion for giving back.


In collaboration with WaterBridge Outreach TFFT produced Kiswahili mini-books, written by a selected group of primary teachers from Meru District in Arusha. Ultimately TFFT delivered 8,000 copies of the 8 books we co-created with the locally selected government teachers!


We continued to improve, and saw great success in, our Personality Development and Sports pilot program. This TFFT Full Circle initiative equips teachers with tool kits to teach life skills education in Tanzanian schools. Our three-part strategy ensures that students learn these important life skills.


You all blew us away and knocked the socks off our Annual Fund goal!! Even more than the dollars raised, your outpouring of support was a testament to this community of supporters. You make it possible to make a true difference in the lives of our TFFT Scholars and thousands of other children in Tanzania.


Lauren Carter, Katie Kozlowski and the entire Bliss Weddings + Events team worked incredibly hard to plan an incredible celebration of TFFT in Chicago. Guests included RIDETZ alumni, many sponsors of TFFT Scholars, and even my third grade teacher. Two special families even traveled from Charleston, SC specifically to introduce TFFT to family and friends who live in the Chicago area!!


We had a rockstar team of interns–Mary Hill spent time in our Charlotte office and 3 months in Tanzania; Maggie returned for her 3rd summer with TFFT; Lucy, Grace, and Lambeth were fantastic additions to our Charlotte office; and Caiti joined Kaitlin in the Chicago office!


We wished Chloe (former Full Circle Program Manager) well as she set out for a new challenge with AgriCorps in Ghana. As she said:

I might be biased, but never in my work experiences, or in any organizations that I have seen, have I witnessed a more cohesive and dedicated staff. As we celebrated my time at TFFT last week with a lunch, the memories were flowing—and I wouldn’t trade them for the world!


Twenty-two teachers from selected government and private schools attended the Helps Training, a program designed to improve reading fluency among early readers.


Happy and Sad Boxes offered children an opportunity to communicate and share their rights, and/or the violation of their rights, as well as best practices happening at their school.


We excitedly announced the dates for the 2016 RIDETZ adventure!


Anton attended The African Grantmakers Network Assembly in Arusha and left with a new revelation of philanthropy in Africa.

We welcomed Hilda to our team as Full Circle Program Manager and Noah as Training and Logistics Coordinator. Their experience in education and strong passion for TFFT’s mission is positively impacting our work in so many ways.



Our third issue of Tufundishane focused on special education and learning disabilities. We envision Tufundishane (which means “Let’s teach each other” in Kiswahili) to be this venue for sharing and teaching each other.

We began a pilot of a new research project to test the effectiveness of co-management as a strategy to improve the quality of education in Tanzania.

We hosted an incredible group of women for our inaugural Vision Trip. Laura Thompson shared her personal account of the experience:

What a week. What a truly fantastic, unforgettable, eye-opening week … If I learned anything in the past seven days, it is that TFFT is an excellent partner that listens and responds as community partner, a professional partner and/or a life partner to the many children and families they commit themselves to … Through this experience I have become to understand TFFT’s mission, programming and reach(!) and the power of their commitment. Before this journey I was an interested party, now I join them as a committed partner.

18-vision trip

A total of 23 TFFT Scholars graduated different levels. Sixteen TFFT Scholars graduated class 7 at Usa River Academy on September 12th, and seven TFFT Scholars graduated form 4 at Star High School on September 19th. This is a demonstration of how TFFT is systematically and steadily growing towards assuring its vision of providing quality education for the vulnerable.


As we wrapped up our 3-year strategic plan, we dove into the process of creating a 5-years strategic plan to launch in 2016. This process sparked Meghann’s reflections on our theme to challenge vulnerability in the changing context of education and vulnerability. As our team discussed our impact, Dr. McAlpine challenged us to look beyond our attribution, to our contribution. Contribution casts a wider net and includes the indirect results of a program. Contribution is the ripple effect.


Richard Augustino, a dedicated and hardworking TFFT Scholars, completed his last year of secondary (high) school and wrote a heartfelt letter encouraging his fellow TFFT Scholars, thanking TFFT’s supporters, and sharing his dream. Richard will be TFFT’s first scholar to attend university!


Maggie and Laura Boorman, TFFT supporters and 2016 RIDETZ riders, started Love Upendo Designs, a beautifully creative jewelry business. Each of these handmade pieces is named after a TFFT Scholar and carries with it a unique way to support our mission.

23-Love Upendo

TFFT Family united to celebrate our journey and growth in both Charlotte and NYC! Combined generosity raised over $160,000 to support our educational systems in Tanzania.


In December we hosted our Second Annual Family Day for TFFT scholars and their families and guardians, and your generosity during Holiday Giving made it possible for us to welcome 18 new scholars in 2016!

Thank you for choosing the stand behind TFFT! We are so grateful for you!


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New Country Director, Melissa!

January 28, 2016

While she is already a familiar face on the TFFT team, we would like to introduce to you our new Country Director, Melissa! She has spent five years as our Teacher Training Manager, and we are so excited to see what she will do as Country Director. Here we have Melissa’s thoughts on making the shift from Teacher Training Manager to Country Director, her journey before working for TFFT, and her goals. Thank you, Melissa!


I have held the Teacher Training Program Manager position for the past 5 years, and I am proud of how much it has grown and what it has achieved. The decision to make the shift to Country Director was not an easy one—the Teacher Training Program is my baby, so to speak, and I am attached to it. I am very much a programs person who enjoys being on the lead, but also doing the implementation, and that is where the difficulty of the shift lies—the fear that as Country Director, I would have no program to implement. Of course it is a total change, with different focus in terms of work and responsibilities. But that is also the motivation for the shift—to grow and be challenged and stretch myself beyond my comfort zone.


I love how the wonderful Gail Tsukiyama, novelist and writer for WaterBridge Outreach, put it when I broke the news to her: the Teachers Training Program will always be my baby, even if someone else is holding its hands. Now I have to work hard and make sure that in my capacity as a Country Director I make the best decisions and strategies to make it and the other TFFT programs grow even more robustly.

I have worked in various capacities within the education field throughout the past 20 years. Education is my passion and I strongly believe in its power to change people’s lives. I spent most of those 20 years as a teacher trainer and curriculum developer. This work took me to the hinterlands of the Philippines to work with community educators, to Malawi to help in the rollout of their new curriculum by training their government primary school teachers and education advisers, and here to Tanzania where for the past 5 years I have been engaged in training teachers from both private and public schools.


I was once like the children that TFFT sends to school, and so being with TFFT makes me appreciate how I have come full circle in my life. I was a recipient of a 4-year full university scholarship from a foundation made up of a group of people from my hometown who banded together to help poor but deserving students receive a university education. I was their first scholar. I have them to thank for changing the course of my life. There were no strings attached to the help that was given to me—no loan to be repaid, but I want to believe that through the work that I have done and am doing now with TFFT, I am paying the help forward.

The best thing that TFFT has given me is the courage to try my ideas and take risks without fear, because they have full confidence in me. This is the best motivation for me and the reason why I have stayed with TFFT for the past 5 years. This July will be my 6th year anniversary with the organization!

I have grown so much in terms of knowledge, people skills, and patience in my years as a TT Program Manager with TFFT. I love learning and TFFT supports me in my learning endeavors. I have taken 1 certificate course and a post-grad diploma in the past 5 years. More than the financial support, TFFT allowed me the space to study while I am working.

This marks a very important year for TFFT as we are starting a new 5-year strategic plan. I have goals to effectively lead the team in putting this strategic plan to work for the good of the children. To put more focus to the picture, I want to make the systems within TFFT even more efficient so that we can better help the children achieve their full potential. Our goal as an organization is to see these children happy, healthy, well rounded, performing well in school, and resilient. With the whole TFFT team working together, I want to see this happening. I hope that as a team we will continue to find the right formula and approach to achieving this goal.


I want to thank all TFFT donors and sponsors who make our work on the ground possible. God will bless you tenfold for your generosity and heart, giving these children a better chance at life. As we celebrate our tenth year this year, please keep in mind that you are part of all the accomplishments that TFFT has had through the years. Nashukuru sana!


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Will you sponsor a scholar?

January 26, 2016


Twelve years ago, I never could have imagined the ways that my first trip to Tanzania would shape my life, my values, what I stand for, and my career. That trip ignited my passion to advocate for the most vulnerable of society.

MG and Helena 2006

MG in NK 2006

TFFT was born out of a desire to provide orphans and vulnerable children access to quality education. Twelve years ago, at four years old, Helena, Yusufu and Matayo were our first recipients of scholarships. This was before The Foundation For Tomorrow’s name was created, any organization was formed, or any plans of what and who we would become.

Triplets and MG 2014

Today we have a Scholarship Program that provides access to quality education opportunities for 114 scholars. While we have grown to incorporate teacher training and life skills development, our paramount program has been–and will always be–the Scholarship Program.

These children are our legacy.


Their success, is our success!


This program is also our most personal program because the impact is tied to the personal ambitions and interests of the individuals who make up our Scholarship Program.

In 2016 we welcomed 18 new scholars, all of whom NEED sponsors to support and help us nurture them as they navigate through their primary and secondary education.


For $125 a month you can provide one of our primary (elementary) school scholars with a quality education, room and board, school supplies and uniform, and other basic needs! It’s a transformation for the most vulnerable of society, and you have the opportunity to be that impact!

We accept scholars based solely on need. Through our Community Identification Process and using the Progress Out of Poverty Index, we rate each applicant and their family’s vulnerability and select children into our program based on who has the greatest need for our support.


Our sponsors provide hope for the future that otherwise seems impossible. Please consider joining TFFT’s family in this meaningful way by making this commitment to a child in need.

Clicking this link, means you are investing in the life of a vulnerable child.


If you join us as a sponsor, you will receive profile information for the specific scholar you sponsor as well as grade reports and updates on their progress. This is such a meaningful way to a become part of TFFT’s impact.

In Service,

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Annual Report—A Year of Growth

January 25, 2016


The Foundation For Tomorrow stands out as an organization thanks to the the people who make up our TFFT Family – our dedicated team, our scholars,  our generous and committed donors, and our partners and stakeholders. TFFT’s team works to make meaningful investments in the lives of Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children by providing access to a quality education. Through a sustainable approach, we strive to live out our mission by focusing on both the depth and scope of TFFT’s reach.

This 2014 Annual Report shares our progress. While we’ve already begun 2016, we believe there is still great value in the report’s content and we want you to understand the impact you have made on our work.

In 2014 TFFT saw development and expansion. All programs grew the reach of their services and our team grew in size. We would love to share with you some of the milestones that TFFT achieved in 2014. Success would not be possible without the generous commitments of those who make up our support network.


In the pages of our Annual Report, you will see the impact that your support has on the lives of so many of Tanzania’s most vulnerable children. This Annual Report elaborates on the growth and accomplishments of each of our programs.

Untitled 2

The report outlines the success our scholars have seen as a result of more focused and wider reaching program services. It discusses the Scholarship Program, Psychosocial and Health, Full Circle, Teacher Training, and Partnership Development.

Untitled 3

As you can see, all contributions to TFFT make a difference. Your shared belief in the limitless potential of our scholars and your continued investment in their education and well-being unfolds as both our history and future. Your continued support at TFFT’s annual events, galas, campaigns, and fundraisers brings hope to our scholars.

Untitled 4

We also provide a glimpse into the RIDETZ experience, a 400-mile bike ride that raises money and awareness for TFFT. The next RIDETZ adventure is coming up this summer, June 18th-July 2nd, 2016! We invite you to participate in this great opportunity to experience firsthand how hard work yields fruitful rewards for our scholars and stakeholders.

Our team extends many thanks to Causality for our beautifully designed 2014 Annual Report, and, of course, to YOU for helping to make all of our efforts possible! Asante sana!


Caiti Kengott

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Introducing Caiti

December 1, 2015



Hi to all TFFT supporters, friends, and family! My name is Caiti Kengott, a new addition to TFFT’s Communications and Donor Development team. I recently graduated from the University of Denver and moved back to Chicago, my home sweet home. I love to travel, spend time with family and friends, read, and enjoy the outdoors. I also love school and enjoy academic work.


Understanding human relationships and environmental dynamics has held my curiosity for some time. Travels throughout less developed regions of the world piqued this interest, and I decided to pursue a degree in International Studies, with minors in Spanish, Religion, and Geography. As I considered how to apply my studies to a career, I decided to pursue nonprofit work because it aligns with my interests in social innovation. I admire TFFT’s mission and enjoy working with such a passionate, close-knit team.

My interest in TFFT comes from our mutual belief that geography should not dictate an individual’s potential or access to education. I see initiatives aimed at closing gaps in quality of life as crucial for leveling the international playing field. If you ask me, education is the key to bettering vulnerable lives. TFFT’s mission carries out the exact combination of initiatives that bring opportunity to impoverished populations in the developing world. These populations would otherwise lack the resources to break the cycle of inequality and thrive at maximum potential.


So far, my work in the Chicago office has taught me how the effort that we make at home can reach many miles away to those in need and make a huge impact on our scholars’ lives. My hope is that, in my lifetime, access to quality education will shift from a luxury to a certainty on a global scale. I look forward to working with TFFT’s team to empower vulnerable children and help provide these individuals with the opportunity to make great societal contributions!


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Love Upendo Designs

November 30, 2015


In June 2016, TFFT supporters will come together in to participate in RIDETZ, a 400-mile, bike ride across Tanzania that raises money for The Foundation For Tomorrow.


Through my work as a TFFT Intern and volunteer over the past 5 years, I have learned a great deal about the children TFFT supports and the success of TFFT’s programs. I have also learned about RIDETZ, in particular, and have helped to coordinate the trip and assist volunteer riders from my spot in the Charlotte office.


After years of speaking with riders, putting together welcome packets, and helping organize the logistics of RIDETZ, I am thrilled to finally be participating myself! One of my sisters, Laura, will be participating as well. We are excited for the challenge and cannot wait to undertake this journey to help support TFFT’s mission. In addition to the physical training we will take on for this 400-mile ride (we have a lot of work to do!), another major challenge will be the fundraising that we have committed to undertake on behalf of TFFT. Early on, Laura and I knew we wanted to use our talents to come up with a creative way to raise money for TFFT, and ultimately, we decided to start a jewelry business.


Love Upendo Designs—“Upendo” means “love” in Swahili—was created with the TFFT scholars in mind. Each handmade necklace, bracelet, and pair of earrings is named after one of TFFT’s female scholars.


Our website is stocked with many fun and unique pieces, and is updated on a regular basis as we constantly add new designs. We also take custom orders, and will work with you to create anything you envision. Click the blue button to “Contact Shop Owner” on the left-hand side of the screen to start the conversation about your custom piece!


As we enter the holiday season, Laura and I hope that you will visit Love Upendo Designs online and will consider purchasing a gift for a friend or family member. As the name suggests, each handmade piece is made with love, and your purchase is a unique way to support TFFT’s wonderful cause.


Visit our website, and keep an eye on our newest creations on our Instagram account @loveupendodesigns.

IMG_2164 (2)

Have a wonderful holiday season, and go RIDETZ 2016!


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Full Circle Update

November 19, 2015


In 2005, Tanzania introduced a class called Personality Development and Sports (PDS) into primary school curriculum. This class aims to educate students on communication, decision-making, health, sports, teamwork, citizenship, and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. However, limited curriculum and resources existed for PDS, and teachers were not trained to teach these topics. As a result, the class was not taken seriously.

This is where TFFT’s Full Circle’s initiative comes in. TFFT’s Full Circle Program focuses on these life skills topics. We are currently piloting a program in 10 schools to better equip teachers to offer quality life skills education in Tanzanian schools.  We have designed a three-part strategy to ensure that this class teaches students these important life skills. Our strategy includes: 1) an activity guide that correlates with Tanzania’s national curriculum, 2) teacher training, and 3) tool-kits containing materials to use for instruction and class activities. The success of this project has allowed TFFT to impact thousands of primary students across the country. Hilda, our Full Circle Program Manager, monitors the curriculum implementation in piloting schools. Here are her latest observations on the positive changes taking place in our piloting schools.

This past October, I had the opportunity to visit some of the PDS piloting schools, including Maua Primary, Tanzania Adventist, and Upendo Academy, to oversee the  progress of PDS Full Circle curriculum and toolkit use. Teachers’ use of TFFT’s Full Circle curriculum in conjunction with government PDS curriculum impressed me. The teachers have improved at utilizing various activities to support academic topics, and students express that they enjoy learning PDS.


Teachers report the experiential teaching technique is a superior method to straightforward instruction that does not incorporate hands-on activity into students’ experience. This way, students participate front and center in the PDS learning process. Students discuss how the new teaching techniques involve them frequently and assist with strengthening memorization skills, as they learn subject matter through working with and teaching peers. I have noticed continued improvement in student attitude and experience, as PDS classes work to actively include all students.


With the PDS class, students complete tasks, identify what the outcome of the task, and subsequently analyze and relate it to daily life. Teachers have shifted to a more friendly approach in teaching PDS, making students more open to sharing concerns with teachers.

Also, the sporting goods provided in TFFT’s toolkits has facilitated friendly athletic competition in the piloting schools. Students state that having access to sports equipment improves lifestyle health. Before receiving our toolkits, some schools had never before acquired any athletic equipment. TFFT has transformed many students’ lives by providing materials and resources that the government does not.


Sparked with energy to further athletic potential, students have begun compiling materials to create local toolkits with items from home communities. Items that they have available include homemade jump ropes and traditional balls. An increase in school attendance has correlated with this recent increase in sports; some students have resumed school attendance as a result of current athletic opportunities.


Upon noticing this progress and overall success in our piloting schools, some of TFFT’s private school partners have requested Full Circle training on PDS and expressed interest in purchasing toolkits. I look forward to furthering the teacher training, specifically with an emphasis on how to provide teachers the capacity to establish and manage clubs within piloting schools. Stay tuned!


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