Family Day 2021

Ever wondered what Family Day means for The Foundation For Tomorrow? Well, here’s an inside scoop at our Annual Family Day which typically happens every end of a year. As a new member of the team, I have a behind-the-scenes look at just how much work, planning, and creativity goes into this Family Day celebration.

The Scholar Identification Process

The saying goes: “Charity begins at home”. TFFT is truly a place that grants you the privilege to leave your comfort zone and explore the home communities of different people across different regions. Through this experience, we were granted a tangible 3D lens of the realities of our home country. This blog post is the

Evelyn’s TFFT Experience

Hi, my name is Evelyn Alinda Kaijage! In 2007, TFFT registered as a non-Governmental organization in Tanzania. The Foundation For Tomorrow is a multifaceted organization that beautifully blends together the welfare of the city’s community, while simultaneously breeding an internal family that functions off compassion and strength, which perfectly match the organization’s underlying principles.  I

Ndera’s Educational Journey

Friday feature! This week's blog is written by Ndera, a TFFT alumna who recently completed her time with our Scholarship Program. After twelve incredible years with TFFT, Ndera is excited for what lies ahead. With the education she has received, she is ready for her nexts steps which include dreaming big and taking action! By

The Learning Centre: Video Update

  The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) works to secure quality education and emotional support for orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania and improve the quality of education in the classroom. Our new endeavor - The Learning Centre - is a first-of-its-kind community hub that will provide the surrounding community with previously out-of-reach educational, vocational, and