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Scholar Sponsorship is the heart and soul of TFFT
—Creating Education Opportunities and Possibility for Orphan and Vulnerable Children.

TFFT’s founding principle is to provide orphan and vulnerable children access to quality education. Currently, 110 children are enrolled in the TFFT Scholarship Program, providing not only a previously out-of-reach educational opportunity, but also seeking to enrich the life of the whole child. Life skills, psychosocial support, medical care, livelihood training for scholars’ families and guardians, additional academic tutoring, career coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring are essential parts of growing each scholar. Every child that joins the TFFT Scholarship Program is a cherished individual, whose hopes and dreams become our hopes and dreams. With the support of a sponsor and the TFFT team, we believe each child’s dream can become a reality.

Sponsorship is a $2,000 annual commitment. You can choose to break this into automatic monthly gifts of $166.67 or one annual gift. Through your support, TFFT will provide our scholars with long-term, personalized care. Because of the nature of this meaningful commitment, it is the best fit for individuals who plan to invest in the same child year after year.

If you are ready to join us as a sponsor or renew your sponsorship for the new school year, you can make it official below: