Our Teacher Training Program has provided a 10-Day training for special education teachers, using a holistic approach. The ongoing practical training targets 15 teachers of Arusha City Council. Aside from building the capacity of regular classroom teachers and school management teams, provision of teaching and learning resources to the special education teachers is crucial for student achievements.


Special education teachers’ work requires deep compassion and immense patience. The ultimate goal of this training is to provide teachers the appropriate skills to deal with special needs children. Our training program will help teachers to enhance lesson planning and preparation, classroom environment management, instruction strategies, and program designing and implementation.


Before the training started, the participants had the chance to visit Step-by-Step Learning Center with an intention of starting to appreciate and raise their expectations for the training. Step-by-Step Learning Center is one of the special education schools with the best practices and it is where the training took place.


Throughout the 10-Day training, the teachers engaged in different levels of effective team teaching strategies. They have had the joint responsibility to design, deliver, monitor, and evaluate instruction for a diverse group of learners in classes where all are present and engaged simultaneously. They also participated actively and took the lead in running the outdoor activities with the students.


At the end of each day of training, the trainees and team of teachers at Step-by-Step held a reflection session to think about the best practices and lessons, sharing their ideas and experiences. These reflections offered a chance to see what each teacher would like to do in and out of classroom as they go back to their respective working areas. Each teacher prepared an individual action plan at the end of training.


In education, it is commonly believed that the quality of teachers’ learning experiences directly affects the quality of their students’ learning experiences. Therefore, this training for special education teachers will bring about positive changes in student learning and eventually increase student achievements.