School Club Establishment and Management Training

At the most recent training we conducted for the Personality Development and Sports (PDS) piloting project, both teachers and students benefitted from its positive impact. The objective of this PDS class is to teach students the skills to be independent, reliable, self-driven, responsible, and hard-working. PDS teachers agree that after the end of the students' studies, they

Full Circle Field Day at Usa River Academy

Twenty-six TFFT scholars from Usa River Academy had an incredible experience this past March 19th, 2016 during their school field day, organized by our Full Circle Program. This fun day was made possible through the generosity of Amanda and John Corse who hosted us, and the support of Catherine and Paul Hicks, Jason Sehorn, Mary Hill Brooks, and Isabella Zara Titley.

Full Circle Update: Personality Development and Sports

What a wonderful start to the year! With great pleasure, I would like to announce that at the beginning of our first quarter of 2016, TFFT's Full Circle Program has accomplished Teacher Training on the Personality Development and Sport (PDS) class at Arusha Modern and Usa River Academy. TFFT scholars attend both of these schools, and therefore,

Looking Up To A Happy 2016

As the year begins, we are looking up to some exciting new engagements with key local partner organizations that will help in achieving important activities in nurturing our scholars. This is through our engagement with Restless Development and UMATI. As a youth lead international organization, Restless Development has been working in supporting youth initiatives and building

Annual Report—A Year of Growth

The Foundation For Tomorrow stands out as an organization thanks to the the people who make up our TFFT Family – our dedicated team, our scholars,  our generous and committed donors, and our partners and stakeholders. TFFT’s team works to make meaningful investments in the lives of Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children by providing access

Full Circle Update

In 2005, Tanzania introduced a class called Personality Development and Sports (PDS) into primary school curriculum. This class aims to educate students on communication, decision-making, health, sports, teamwork, citizenship, and entrepreneurship knowledge and skills. However, limited curriculum and resources existed for PDS, and teachers were not trained to teach these topics. As a result, the

Full Circle Update

I cannot believe that we are closing this month next week. It seems like August was just yesterday. This month the Full Circle Program had plans to accomplish many things. Noah and I arranged a children’s rights and responsibilities training at Maji ya Chai Primary School. We managed to prepare the Life Skills Teaching Manual

Full Circle Update

August has been a busy month for the TFFT team. As the new Full Circle Program Manager, I have been very busy taking over where Chloe left off. Introducing the Full Circle curriculum at a new school, monitoring the schools that are already piloting the curriculum, leading a training on puberty education, and meeting with

Introducing Hilda

We are thrilled to welcome Hilda to the team as our Full Circle Program Manager! Her strong passion for life skills education and our mission is inspiring, and we are excited to see the positive impact she is sure to bring TFFT. Welcome, Hilda! Would you tell us little about yourself-where are you from, what


Oh TFFT Blog Reading Community! I may not know you, I may have never met you, maybe I have emailed with you…if you are a sponsor, I probably know your name and address by heart. Well, whatever our connection, I have been writing to you for a long time now. After over 3 years of