Twenty-six TFFT scholars from Usa River Academy had an incredible experience this past March 19th, 2016 during their school field day, organized by our Full Circle Program. This fun day was made possible through the generosity of Amanda and John Corse who hosted us, and the support of Catherine and Paul Hicks, Jason Sehorn, Mary Hill Brooks, and Isabella Zara Titley. You guys are awesome—the TFFT scholars treasure this day that you made very enjoyable for them!

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For some of the students who are new to the program, it was truly a unique experience because on this day, they had a field day where they played with their mates, made art, communed with nature, and ate to their hearts’ delight!


The scholars loved every moment and every activity they were involved in that day. The day was made up of:

  • Team games – the 26 students were divided into 3 teams and played “Crossing the River,” participated in an egg relay, and Tug of War. Young and old, new and returning, all scholars were mixed into each group. They had fun trying to outdo the other teams in terms of strategy and strength.
  • Nature Walk – guided by two very able and very nice professional tour guides, the 26 students were divided into 2 groups and had a walk into the forest. The tour guides explained to them the importance of trees and taught them about a variety of plants, insects, and even animals, such as monkeys. The guides patiently answered the scholars’ questions about nature and the environment.


  • Art – there were 3 art stations prepared for the students that day: (1) group painting and making individual postcards; (2) making name bracelets; and (3) pottery. The students all went through the 3 stations and flexed their creative muscles. They tried to interpret what they saw in their nature walk in their group painting sessions with glitters, pompoms, googly eyes, lots of glue, and watercolors, used for the individual postcards. Some even incorporated objects such as feathers and dried leaves from their nature walk into their artwork. The name bracelet station was a big hit and not just among the girls, mind you, but also the boys. The kids pored through the letter beads and made bracelets and necklaces for themselves. Catherine Hicks, a Tanzania-based TFFT supporter, helped out with our field day by teaching the pottery class, showing the students how to prep the clay before shaping it into their desired shapes and objects. Most students made small pots, some made plates, and someone even tried to make a castle! The children demonstrated deep concentration as they kneaded their clay and shaped it into the project suiting their interest.



  • Treasure Hunt – perhaps the most raucous activity of all that day was the Treasure Hunt. We hid lollies and sweets around the magnificent gardens of the Corse’s and set the students to look for them. Some were very lucky and found a lot of candies. Those who found more shared with the others who were not as lucky (or as quick).

In between stations, the younger students also had lots of fun using the swing in the garden! The children also enjoyed the food prepared for them that day—gingerbread cookies, lemon cake, hot tea, and juice for their tea break and a delicious lunch complete with fresh fruits as dessert were had by all! Everyone went back for seconds!