As the year begins, we are looking up to some exciting new engagements with key local partner organizations that will help in achieving important activities in nurturing our scholars. This is through our engagement with Restless Development and UMATI.

As a youth lead international organization, Restless Development has been working in supporting youth initiatives and building the capacity for youth to become leaders and game-changers in their community. Since Restless Development is also based in Tanzania, TFFT has identified it as one of the partners we would like to work with so that our scholars can also be the beneficiaries of the knowledge, skills, and trainings provided by this organization’s work.

TFFT’s Scholarship Program will partner with Restless Development to connect our scholars, especially those who have graduated from form 4 and form 6, with volunteering opportunities in regions where Restless Development operates. This will occur during the scholars’ leave time, when they are waiting to continue with further studies. We are also excited to see the involvement of our Scholarship Program alumni in this volunteering work. This will help to sharpen their skills in preparation for job acquisition. 

The volunteering session takes place during a 3 month period. Participant involvement includes trainings in leadership, entrepreneurship, self-reliance, and reproductive health community services and providing youth trainings in schools. Then, participants volunteer in community services and in youth trainings in schools.


While our Scholarship Program begins work with Restless Development, our Full Circle Program will engage with UMATI to provide education on reproductive health to our scholars. UMATI has been working since 2000 in providing holistic Sexual and Reproductive Health services focusing on adolescents and youths aged 10 – 24 years as their primary clients. Access to this knowledge is important for TFFT scholars. The Full Circle Program will implement activities this year to bring together all of our scholars, in various age groups, to be educated on sexual and reproductive health. This will provide our scholars with self-awareness and the ability to maintain safety and health in their adolescence and maturity.

Morogoro clinic umati1

We are excited about our new partnerships, so that we can better provide these services to our scholars. We look forward to the prosperity that these partnerships will bring to the future of TFFT!