Full Circle Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club

Our Full Circle Program has initiated life skills clubs for secondary scholars at three of our partner schools, Arusha Modern School, Usa River Academy, and Star High School. The purpose of the clubs is to teach leadership skills, entrepreneurship, mentoring, and proper management of business. Our scholars and their peers at school practice their leadership skills during club meetings, and work on projects both in groups and individually.

Each school club has a maximum of 40 members with an equal ratio of male to female students. In January, our Full Circle team prepared the curriculum for the club topics. This was followed by recruitment of members. Club application forms were provided to all interested students. The criteria for selection included students who would be able to :

  • Attend 80 minutes of leadership and entrepreneurship lessons each week
  • Mentor and assist younger students in school
  • Actively participate in club meetings
  • Actively participate in business activities (for example, watering the school garden)

Students who marked yes for the above were eligible to become a member of the club, and those who did not mark yes on one or more of the above were not eligible. We decided to use this criteria because we wanted to have a maximum of 40 members per club. Club members are currently enrolled in forms one and three. Next year, students currently enrolled in form 2 will be able to participate.

Last Friday, we had our first club gathering for the students at Usa River Academy. During this meeting, we introduced the club and gave an overview of the lessons that will be taught. We also selected a club name, leaders, meeting rules, and logistics. Students were happy and excited about the first club meeting. Many shared that they believe it is difficult to find employment, sustain oneself, and survive, without exposure to entrepreneurship and business and learning these important skills.

The club members were each given a leadership journal to track completion of topics to covered and any activities involved in order to learn and practice entrepreneurship skills. Also, these journals will be helpful to track progress of individual work completed outside of club meeting times.

This week, TFFT Scholars and student club members at Star High School and Arusha Modern School will have their first Leadership and Entrepreneurship Club meeting. I will keep you updated with our club meetings and activities as we proceed.