TFFT’s Full Circle Program recently conducted an inter-school competition of essay writing and poster making for students at schools throughout Meru District. We aimed to promote healthy competition amongst the students and schools to develop interest in the importance of expressing one’s thoughts in oral or written manner effectively as well as the arts, to provide an opportunity to students of different schools to interact with each other, and to encourage schools to give attention to developing and nurturing their students’ talents and skills.

For the essay writing competition, students were instructed to write a short essay explaining what they want to become in the future, how they will reach these goals, the support they will need, and what obstacles they might face. The students who participated in poster making were required to present how to support the Tanzanian child for a bright future. A panel of judges, professionals and prominent Arusha University lecturers, reviewed the submissions. They selected seven student winners from the competition where representatives from 52 schools participated. I have chosen a winning essay and a winning poster to share with you.


Winning essay submission written by Innocent Onesmo, who is in class five (5th grade) at Mbaseneni Primary School:

An Essay about My Future Plans

My name is Innocent Onesmo. When I grow up I want to become a doctor, so that I have opportunity to help many sick people in my community and village. I will have to do the following to reach my dreams:

Attending and participate in classes every day, by attending the classes I will be able to receive enough knowledge and skills needed. In the classes is where I will be able to solve all my questions and my problems in academics. I am also using the class time discussing with my fellow students, so through all the discussion we are conducting we are now in a position to help one another in different academic issues.

I am studying science subject very hard, it is the only way I am going to reach the dream that I am always dreaming of. I enjoy studying science a lot and my teachers are proud of me when comes to the classroom participation and in examination scores. I can’t wait to be a doctor.

I am doing lots of exercises and tests that my teachers are providing. I know people say practice make it perfect. That’s why I can’t ignore all the tasks I am provided by my teachers they are very helpful to make me perfect. I am also sure through all the exercise and exams I am doing I will be able to pass the last examination and go to secondary school where I will keep on the race of reaching my dream.

Keeping my health safe is helping me to attend all the classes and remain in focus. I know I am the only one responsible for my own action so I am trying hard to avoid all the diseases which can be avoided like HIV /AIDS, cholera, Malaria and so many others communicable diseases.

I know I can’t reach my dreams if I am working on my own, surely I need support, the following statements explain the support I need in order to reach my plans:

Parents to provide me with all the basic needs. I know it is not very healthy to go to school in an empty stomach. So I must be given food every morning before going to school, a better place to sleep and nice clothes and clean water so that I remain healthy.

I need very good teachers who will help me reach my dreams. I need teachers who will love me and help me whenever I am having problems, teachers who can understand what am I, who am I and what do I want to be? I also need teachers who are not canning me.

I also need God’s help. He is the only one keeping me alive and he is the only one who will help me to reach my plans. I believe that I can do anything but without God’s help is like wasting my time and efforts in vain.

I also need help form the government and non-governmental organization to help all the children who are in school to reach our goals. By improving Tanzanian schools infrastructure so that all Tanzanian students will be enjoying school environment as what is happening to all developed countries.

At last I would like to advice all of my fellow students to work very hard in schools, cause it is the only way we are all going to have good life just like all the rich people we see in day to day life. Not only working hard at school but also at home we have to keep on helping our parents doing the work that they are asking us and listening to their guidance whenever they are counseling us.

Winning poster submission, created by Mustafa Matiku from Nambala Primary School:

Helping a Tanzanian Child to Have a Brighter Future


Mustafa drew pictures to illustrate the concept of a how a Tanzanian child can have a bright future as follows:

A kid must have a better house to stay, where he or she can feel comfortable.

A kid needs a freedom of worshiping.

A kid needs a balanced diet so as to have good health.

A kid needs good clothes so as to look nice and protect him or herself form cold.

A kid needs medical care.

A kid needs to play whatever sports he or she likes

A kid needs money to pay school fees, so as to continue with his or her education.

A kid needs a bicycle to get to school.



The two children who wrote these essays showed extraordinary abilities compared to their peers who participated in the contest. The reasons that Innocent and Mustafa qualified as top winners are because they followed all of the requirements for essay submissions. They provided neat and organized work, knowledge of the material presented, directly answered the essay prompt, and used proper punctuation and grammar.

The majority of students who participated in the essay writing competition did not follow the proper format of writing and submitted work that was less organized. While they all had wonderful, creative ideas, some students struggled to communicate these thoughts through their writing. I enjoyed reading how all of these young students communicated what they want in future. They clearly know what they have to do, and recognize the barriers that exist.

I congratulate all of the participants for a job well done!