Over the next ten weeks, we will be focusing on the power of influence in our TFFT community through our blog and social media channels: individuals who give, individuals who teach, individuals who advocate, individuals who thrive. Below, Hilda shares an update on the Inter-School Competition (to learn more about the process of the Inter-School Competition, click here) and interviews one of our award-winning participants who was impacted by the program, Victoria Kira.

This month, the Full Circle program awarded ten student winners and two teacher coaches at the Inter-School Competition for high performance in science and mathematics.  The awarding process was different this year; students and teachers were awarded in their respective schools in front of their fellow peers and colleagues. Conducting the awards ceremony at the school was intentional to motivate other students and teachers to succeed in mathematics, science, and communication skills, which are subjects that are often a challenge in Tanzania.

Three prizes for mathematics were awarded to male students. Two male students won prizes for science, and the first prize for science was won by a female student. Four female students were awarded in communication skills. The winners were awarded a certificate and cash prizes for encouragement and motivation towards future success.

I had the opportunity to interview Victoria Kira, who won first prize in science and her teacher coach. I would love to share the interview questions and answers with all of you.

  1. Tell us about your background.

I am Victoria Kira, a form four student at Lemara Seconday School. I have three siblings (sisters) who lived in Moshi Kilimanjaro with my parents. I was selected to join a government school in Moshi but since they did not have science teachers I asked my parents to transfer me to Arusha.

  1. What is your ambition?

I love science subject and my ambition is to become a medical doctor in the future.

  1. How did you feel before attending this competition prepared by TFFT?

Before the competition I was very scared because I had never attended or attempted any competition before especially the one that included so many schools like this one. When I saw about two hundred participants from different school I was very uncomfortable and I knew I was not going to make through the first round. When I was selected for second round I felt so good and tell my self I will do the best to be the first winner.

  1. How did you feel after receiving the cash prize and certificate? How did your fellow students responded ? how about your parents?

My teachers were so happy and so proud of me especially the teacher who coached me during the time I was preparing for this competition. My fellow students did the same, all of them wished to participate next time. My parents were more happy and proud of me, they advice me to study hard so I can reach my goals. The cash prize that I was given I gave some to my mother to purchase food , I also paid for remedial classes and bought new school shoes and shirt.

       5. What is your advice to your fellow students?

I advice them to study very hard because education is only gift given to us to achieve our goals and dreams in the future. Also when programs like this of TFFT come to our school I advice them to dare to participate because they may be the next winners.

I thank The Foundation For Tomorrow for coming up with this project because to me it helped me to develop self confidence, raise my performance and proved that female students can do better in both science and mathematics.

The Full Circle program encourages a ripple effect throughout our community in partnering with local schools on projects like the Inter-School Competition. Interested beyond this initiative? Learn even more about Full Circle’s impact within our blog archive. We are so proud of you Victoria!