Inspired by the Lived Reality

It is an undeniable truth that we are all passing through difficult times right now. This difficult time challenges us in a way we never imagined before.

Their passion inspires us and their resilience keeps us all motivated even when it feels difficult.

A time full of uncertainty; uncertainty for self care, self survival and whether we are going to make it through this change is what the world is asking of us now. This time forces us to notice fear in our own hearts and in the eyes of our neighbors. So, why are we motivated to serve even more amidst these challenges?

We are motivated to serve even more because:

1. Our scholars like Kennedy and Aidan Lomboy who come from an extremely poor family that cannot even afford to feed them when they are back home for school breaks. They do not have study desks nor electricity to help them study at night. Yet, these scholars still found their way to fulfill their study responsibilities.

Scholars Kennedy and Aidan. Kennedy is helping guide his brother to accomplish his school assignments that he has been given to work on while he is home.

2. Our parents, guardians and family members like Gidion Loishie’s brother, Pendael Loishie. Pandael has dedicated his time and energy to help his brother Gidion (in a red coloured sweater) fulfill his study from home assignments and his tutoring has been excellent. Pandael has also offered to extend his support to other TFFT scholars around the neighborhood and work on their studying from home plans during this time that calls for all students to study from home.

Our scholar Gidion Loishie working on a science assignment with his brother Pendael Loishie.

3. Our unshakable commitment and desire to be part of the united family we call TFFT. A family that continuously reminded us that giving and serving is not about having more than most people in the world, but it is an act of caring. Caring enough to want to be someone to someone out there who wishes they had someone to lean on.

4. With all of you pushing this vision forward with us; our determination can only grow stronger.

We thank you for carrying this vision forward even in these uncertain times! To contribute to TFFT’s 2020 Annual Fund please click here.