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Annual Fund 2019

What is an Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund keeps the lights on, provides paper and stamps for all correspondences, as well as spaces for our teams in Charlotte and Tanzania to work.  Our entire TFFT community is needed to move the organization forward using all of our strengths – as doers, donors, and/or door-openers. You play a critical role in the success of our organization.

Why is my contribution important?

Your participation is vital in reaching our Annual Fund goal of $110,000.  You provide the infrastructure that supports the impactful work that TFFT is focused on all year long.  At a glance, rent for office space seems inconsequential, but upon closer inspection, it is a vital cost.  We need your support – every dollar counts. It keeps the lights on, it pays for paper, stamps, and internet connectivity.  Your contribution to the Annual Fund allows us to meet all our costs, but most importantly it maintains the gathering space, the home base, the place to nurture and grow our scholars.

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Help us meet our 2019 annual fund goal!