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Annual Fund

Your Annual Fund gift ensures that we can best care for our TFFT community at all times. This fund covers the critical expenses that enable TFFT to operate on a daily basis – providing the infrastructure that supports the impactful work that TFFT is focused on all year long. Particularly in the face of COVID-19, we will need to be strategic, agile, and able to act quickly in the face of this severe situation. You ensure a transformative difference in the lives of orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania.

With your investment, young learners, like Nisima and Asimwe, access their right to education so they can reach their full potential, thrive in their communities, carry the future of their nation, and strengthen a world in dire need of competent and contributing leaders. 

Be an agent of change and help us reach our 2020 Annual Fund $100,000 goal!

Nisima when she was a child
Asimwe as a child
$0 $100,000