We are excited for our SHARE the LOVE Challenge to continue through February 14th! We have 10 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE the LOVE this season. Today, meet the challenge’s superstar Team Leaders…you can make a contribution to one of their campaigns! We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these individuals have with the challenge will inspire you to SHARE some LOVE with TFFT teachers and scholars.

Our Team Leaders this year will represent TFFT throughout the nation and even overseas! We have leaders who will be SHARING the LOVE from North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We have a great group of leaders this year.

From left: Violet, Kenia, and Mary Hill

Violet joins our team again from the Charlotte Country Day School TFFT Club — but this time she’s spending the year studying abroad in Italy! Kenia joins us for the first time from Furman University in South Carolina. We cannot wait to see her strong belief in the power of education in action! Mary Hill has served as an intern for TFFT, spent time in Tanzania, and continued to show her support by beginning a TFFT Club at her high school. She is now in college in Scotland and continues to volunteer with TFFT in her free time.

Top left: Cameron, bottom left: Murphy, top right: Richard, bottom right: Cate

Cameron joins TFFT as both an intern and a Team Leader! We are so excited to use her passion throughout the coming months and are so fortunate to have her on board. Murphy is a Team Leader for the fifth time! We are so grateful for her commitment to spreading awareness of TFFT’s mission in a personal way. Richard is a first time Team Leader, but you may recognize him as our outstanding TFFT alumnus currently enrolled in college in Seattle, Washington! Cate joins us from Meyers Park High School. She is bring her passion for calligraphy to the challenge and will be selling homemade valentines. We are so excited to see her art inspire others!

Top left: Perry, bottom left: Quinn, right: Ellie

Perry is a first time Team Leader from Providence Day in Charlotte, who is also spending the year studying abroad in Italy. We know that she will make such a positive impact on the campaign’s success. Quinn is a long time supporter of TFFT’s work and first-time Team Leader. We are so excited to have her bring the Florida sunshine to the challenge. Ellie is excited to join SHARE the LOVE for the first time as a team leader and is passionate about sharing TFFT’s meaningful work. We can’t wait to see all her creative ideas put into action!

Thank you so much to our wonderful Team Leaders! We are so fortunate to have this group of motivated, enthusiastic young adults who will serve as 2018’s Team Leaders. We cannot wait to see what SHARE the LOVE 2018 brings for teachers and their students. You can SHARE the LOVE too! Each year, we send homemade Valentines to the TFFT Scholars. Gather your friends and family to craft Valentines and we will hand deliver them in Tanzania! You can read more information here.