Wow! Thank you for lighting the way with us.

What an evening to remember. On Saturday, November 11th, 175 donors, doers, and door-openers came together in Charlotte, North Carolina for our 11th annual South of the Sahara Gala, to celebrate the power that education can have to transform lives. We were reminded once again how our collective passion magnifies our impact as we light the way toward a brighter future for so many.

Together we raised an incredible $150,000 through our silent auction and live give fundraising efforts, which will fuel TFFT’s ability to continue our life-changing work. From helping our scholars maintain healthy minds and bodies, to arming teachers with crucial tools to be effective in the classroom, to showcasing examples of excellence for others to pursue, each and every dollar raised will have profound impact on the fulfillment of our mission. Thank you for your extraordinary gifts of time, passion, commitment and dollars.

As I look back on last weekend and TFFT’s 11-year journey, I am humbled by the fundamental influence each of you has had on our success. I continue to reflect on where we started: how the power of one turned into the power of ten, which turned into the power of thousands, influencing countless lives and we couldn’t have done it without YOU. Thank you for not only learning about our story, but for sharing it as your own, and for playing an important role in the achievements of our scholars.

As we blaze forward into this new decade, we continue to celebrate your influence, which has helped us grow and thrive. This is just the beginning. Be an active member of our growing community. Introduce us to your friends and companies who may want to learn more, or help us brainstorm new ways to connect with others in your community. Everyone here has a role in the success of our kids.

Each year, this event celebrates the generosity of individuals who bring TFFT’s work to life. Education is power, and there is power in the influence you all have. When we focus on our students, teachers, and quality education opportunities, we are allowing these individuals to have their own power of influence, the opportunity to thrive in their communities and the chance to impact others on a greater scale.

Thank you for being a member of the TFFT family and for your continued partnership in this incredible work.

These are just a few snapshots from our event. All photos are now uploaded our Facebook page to view. Enjoy!