We are truly FEELING the LOVE! This year’s group of Team Leaders deserves many thanks for all of the time and effort they dedicated to our SHARE the LOVE, benefitting our TFFT scholars and teachers.

In this year’s challenge, we had leaders from across the world, representing North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We had many brand new faces, which brought new excitement and fresh ideas to the challenge. Our passionate veteran Team Leaders led the way and kept us committed to the mission.

Here at TFFT, we love to celebrate the power of influence. By sharing the possibilities of our collective impact with around 750 people, these 10 Team Leaders were able to raise $6,833!

These hard working, motivated individuals used their creativity to spread awareness about the widespread, sustainable impact that occurs through training excellent educators. We are amazed at the outpouring of love and generosity of our Team Leaders’ communities and grateful to all of our Team Leaders for using their voices to SHARE the LOVE!

Mary Hill, veteran Team Leader, represented TFFT in Scotland. We love her commitment to TFFT. She surpassed her ambitious goal! On top of interning in the TFFT Charlotte office, Cameron committed to supporting TFFT through selling t-shirts and sharing TFFT’s work with her friends and family. In addition to fundraising, she gathered her friends to make heaps of valentines to send to our scholars in Tanzania. They will be delighted to receive them!

Murphy brought the LOVE to Chapel Hill by sharing the possibility of our collective impact with friends and family. We are grateful to have her as a Team Leader for 5th consecutive year! Cate, first-time Team Leader, sold homemade valentines to SHARE the LOVE with TFFT. We love her creativity!

Ellie was another very impressive first-time Team Leader. She worked diligently to spread awareness among relatives and friends. Even as the youngest Team Leader of the bunch, Ellie proved the power she has to be the change! Quinn brought the sunshine and love from Florida. She rallied her school to make valentines for our TFFT scholars and advocated for our mission.

Perry and Violet SHARED the LOVE all the way from Italy! Perry, a first-time leader, and Violet, a returning Team Leader, were huge champions in sharing our work with their communities. Violet had the highest number of donations with 24, reminding us of the collective power we share to create a true ripple effect of change.

Kenia, first-time Team Leader and long-time TFFT supporter, brought the SHARE the LOVE campaign to South Carolina. Her passion for making change was essential to the success of the challenge. Richard, another first-time Team Leader and TFFT alum, shared his story of how TFFT influenced him to be the person he is today. We are so inspired by his desire to spark change. Richard worked hard and knocked it out of the park, surpassing his goal!

Once again, we are so grateful to all of these young adults for making SHARE the LOVE their own and educating others on TFFT as an organization and each individual’s lasting impact. YOUR power of influence matters.