The Impact of Peer Mentors

“It takes courage, patience, passion and willingness to share and help someone.”

Mentoring involves learning from someone who encourages you to grow, and this learning process is based on a developing relationship between a mentor and a mentee. The learning process become effective when trust between the mentor and a mentee has been established.

I always tell the mentors trust is earned, and earning mentees trust takes time, which is why they need to be patient. It also involves practicing what they preach since they are the role models. With this new experience, we are witnessing such a fruitful journey, with most of our mentors becoming important role models for the mentees and their peers. They are fountains of inspiration as their role inspires and motivates.

“Starting a new journey will always seem difficult, but with the available support sessions have provided me with confidence to take on this role,” said mentor Glory.

As a staff member, one of the greatest moment is when I get to see mentors grow, from who they were to who they have become. Mentees look up to their mentors and mentors are motivated to devote their time and energy to assist mentees on their journey–both in and out of the classroom. This experience benefits all involved and is not just for mentees. Mentors have grown their leadership skills, confidence, self-esteem, and their ability to bond and establish meaningful relationships with their peers.

“This mentoring experience has contributed much to my communication skills, since I know when to talk and when to listen. I am proud to be a mentor,” said Miriam. The Peer Mentoring Program is exciting to both mentors and mentees, and the TFFT is so proud of our mentors who devote time to change a life. We are positive that our current mentees will be our next year’s mentors.