The Significance of Reading

As an educator, I am convinced to say that reading is one of the most significant skills we teach our children. It is a life skill that enables you and me to extend concepts, exchange information, and gives us access to the magical world of fantasy. Ability to read is key for students learning.

Today, The Foundation For Tomorrow is celebrating International Children’s Book Day (which occurred on Tuesday) by sharing a reading story from one of our scholars. Janeth Ismail Mbwambo is a Form Four student at Shepherds Secondary Schools in Arusha, Tanzania. She likes reading books in her spare time and recently Janeth read four short stories books titled The Alchemist, Morality for Beautiful Girls, Kifo ni Haki Yangu and The Moon Light. The book that she liked and enjoyed reading the most is The Alchemist. This is because…

“The book gave me inspirations to do not give up in my path….. Basing on the stories that I read from the book I found myself being motivated to work harder and always to remain determined as a student despite all the challenges that may come on my path”.

Janeth said that as a student and young person reading is very important. As we are celebrating this important literacy event in 2019, I would like to argue every one and most especially the young adults like me to develop the reading habit and this should be apart from the academic readings. Reading has helped me to increase my knowledge and understanding of so many things relevant to my life. I have improved my language skills and above all reading is a pleasure to me. She strongly believes that reading is a pathway to knowledge.

The writer that she likes most in Africa is Tanzanian stories and books writer, Eric Shigongo.

“…. I like his stories and books because of the relevance of his writings to the society that I am or we are living with …  Shigongo is my inspirational, reading his books and stories appeals my mind…”

When asked how she will celebrate International Children’s Book Day, Janeth said…”While celebrating the International Reading Day, I will ask few friends of mine to meet and have a reading session. I will select a very interesting story from any of storybooks I know and read it together and reflecting on it. Then have a discussion about the story. A good thing about reading is that everyone may have a different imagination unlike watching videos. This will be a good way for me to start influencing my fellow young adults to have that habit of reading besides their regular academic readings.”