Student Reflections on Community Service

April 30, 2021

For the month of March, all Form Four (eleventh grade level) graduates engaged in community service for one month as part of our Whole Child Approach. This approach places emphasis on well-rounded development and life skills for all students. The opportunity to contribute in meaningful ways to the community provides experiences for growth outside of the classroom – this month, in local hospitals. TFFT aims for all scholars to contribute meaningfully in society, as active and empowered citizens.

“I think helping the community is the most important,” says Neema, a 19-year-old from Arusha, about her experience volunteering. “I learned about the importance of nursing and caring for sick people, and in November I will start to study pharmacology.”

Neema doing community service at Patandi Hospital

Our team requested feedback from the scholars about their community service experiences. Click below to learn more about how volunteering at Patandi Hospital in Arusha impacted three scholars: Neema, Rachel, and Mathew!

Community Service Learning Reflections Form 4 Leavers