Family Day 2019

On 13 December 2019, The Foundation For Tomorrow observed its annual tradition of the Family Day event to strengthen relationships, participation and engagement among staff, scholars and parents or guardians. It was an opportunity to reflect on both progress and challenges of 2019 and to reflect on how we can strengthen our individual and collective responsibilities in the interests of the whole child and ensure we harness the power of education to translate envisioned futures into tangible outcomes that empower our scholars to become active citizens who can contribute to community development and lifelong learning.

TFFT scholar, Andrea, enjoying the day

The day was punctuated with excitement and expectation from young and old alike. Familiar faces rushed to embrace each other, the kids excitedly took part in games. One game that caught my attention was when a clothes peg was attached to one’s back and they had to protect it from being snatched otherwise they would be counted out of the game. Scholars ran in all sorts of direction trying to hide their most priced possession from being snatched. I quietly thought to myself it is our individual and collective duty to firmly secure and protect our most priced possession which gives us a fighting chance in this increasingly competitive world: education! This game symbolized to me how our scholars coming from positions of exclusion, vulnerability and disadvantage remain committed to ensuring they apply themselves fully to their studies as one sure way of protecting or guaranteeing their futures.

It was my first TFFT Family Day and l felt the love, respect and power of belonging to this wonderful family of friends all connected by their sheer desire to invest in children’s potentials through the power of education as one of the pathways to sustainable development. The Family Day also represents to us an opportunity to tap into the many talents in the team and family. Haruni (Academic Affairs and Students Support Coordinator) and Sirili Robert (TFFT Form 3 Student) were co-Master of Ceremonies and kept the event lively. I facilitated breaking the piñata with scholars and parents which was great fun and provided a good laugh as there were lots of swings and misses from the blind folded participants to the game. Some actually sent people scurrying for cover when they headed towards the direction of seated guests with their broom after either losing their direction or miscalculating their steps. The catch when the office made piñata was broken was that we all had to share the sweets so that everyone got something in the true spirit of sharing is caring!

It was an awesome pleasure to also handover awards to scholars both in primary schools who had excelled in both academic and extra curricula activities including those who were brand ambassadors for TFFT in their conduct, compassion and care for others or accessories given to them.

TFFT scholar, Asimwe, receiving an award

Our 6 new scholars for the 2020 scholarship were both excited and anxious about this new journey that lies in wait. They got words of advice and reassurances from some scholars who have walked this journey and this made them feel settled and welcomed to the growing TFFT family.

New scholar, Ange

New scholar, Sanare

Some of our alumni were also in attendance, a potent reminder of how far we have come in our quest to deliver quality education and promote lifelong learning. The high attendance of 200 was a motivating compliment to the good work TFFT staff have been doing throughout the year.

Robin discussing TFFT’s Psychosocial and Health Program

In 2020 we are ready to do more of what works with your unwavering support to deliver quality education to the most vulnerable and set them on their way to making well formed and informed decisions as empowered citizens who are thriving in their communities! My parting words are KEY: Keep Educating Yourself!