Full Circle (Life-Skills)

Full Circle

TFFT believes in the limitless potential of orphans and vulnerable children. Full Circle aims to fill the void of the life lessons typically taught in a healthy home environment. Full Circle teaches essential life skills, stretches students’ imagination, fuels their dreams, builds confidence, and deepens personal understanding. This empowers participants to become independent, compassionate adults who are able to lead productive lives and are prepared to work collaboratively with their communities to address the issues facing their country.


  • Provide life skills education to students through after-school programs, classes, school clubs, and extra-curricular activities.
  • Train teachers and school administrators in implementing life skills education programs and club management at their schools.
  • Provide curriculum and resources to life skills teachers.

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Help make Full Circle possible.
Because every child deserves to reach their full potential.

While every TFFT Scholarship Student participates in Full Circle, Full Circle’s program costs are not covered in the annual Scholarship fee (which covers the cost of school fees, textbooks, uniform, medical care, and other costs of living). Therefore, TFFT seeks alternate funding in order to provide our students with this unconditional support.YOU can help fund this extraordinary program that benefits all of our scholarship students:


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