Peer Mentor Update

“The delicate balance of mentoring someone is not creating them in your own image, but giving them the opportunity to create themselves.” Steven Spielberg.

This was our training quote in December a three days training from 17th -19th December 2018. The training took place at TFFT office.

This years mentoring training was the most incredible one, this was due to the fact that, senior mentors i.e the ones who were mentors last year attended the training with the new upcoming mentors i.e junior mentors they were a total of 15 mentors, 8 seniors and 7 juniors.

Senior mentors are Miriam Daniel, Janeth Ishmael, Glory Nassari, Glory Faustine, David Abraham, Neema Mnyampanda, Apaifura Augustino and Lomnyaki Lendimi. We are excited that most of our junior mentors were mentees last year.Junior mentors are Odemary, David Daniel, Daniel Elirehema, Dorcas Ramadhani, Neema Zacharia, Patrick Anderson, Athumani Juma.

During the training mentors were able to learn new things. At first I wanted to separate juniors to have different learnings, but I thought to myself that I should have all of them in one training to create a platform for the seniors to share the experiences and it worked.

Mentors were able to learn a lot of new things; with the help of the team we were able to deliver the following content. Introduction to Mentoring, Helping mentees to make transition to secondary school, Communication skills, Self awareness, Becoming a role model, Establishing and maintaining relationships and Facilitating Learning. The sessions were participatory mentors were so active and seniors were able to share the experiences and challenges they encountered as mentors and as a team were able to come up with the way forward to solve them.

“This training is very different from the one I attended last time, I have learnt things that are more practical and can be applied during my mentoring undertakings and to my fellow students” said David Abraham.

Apart from that mentors learned on how to balance their own needs and responsibilities, this was one of the things they were so excited about, “Gaining the skills of balancing my own needs as an individual and responsibilities as a mentor, will help me to be a happier and inspiring mentor since I wont have a lot on my plate and stress” said Odemary.

As a team we have also learned a lot from the training, we are excited to see the mentors apply the skills they gained. We are also proud of these young people who are going to serve as mentors and make a change in their peers lives.