NECTA 2018 Results

NECTA is the National Examination Council of Tanzania. They are responsible for administration and moderation of all exams in Tanzania. All public and most private schools use the NETCA curriculum.

In the year 2018, a total of 38 TFFT scholars sat for the National examinations at different stages/education levels. It was a good year for the TFFT team because every scholar was able to attain the required passing marks for moving on to the next grade level. In fact, most of them exceeded our expectations, which brought the TFFT much joy!

We had four scholars graduate and leave our program in May 2018. They say for the Form 6 National Exam. If scholars continue in the traditional classroom setting after Form 4, they will sit for this exam. These scholars were:

  • Salvatory Seth
  • Jesca Elipokea
  • Wema Ndesario
  • Careen Paul

Two of them placed in Division II and the remaining two placed in Division III.

We also had nine Form 4 students who sat for their O-level Certificate exams in November  2018. These scholars were:

  • Einoth Laibie
  • David Japhet
  • Hellen Logeria
  • Sophia Suleiman
  • Monica Moines
  • Nashvai Lazaro
  • Sarah Solomon
  • Ndera Emmanuel
  • Joyce Elipokea

Our Form 4 students also did very well. Four scholar placed in Divisions II and III and will be continuing on to A-levels. The other four students scored in Division IV and will begin taking community college courses.

Our Form 2 students had outstanding results, with 14 scholars all placing in Division III and above, with most placing in Divisions I and II. Our team did not hesitate to celebrate their hard work and show them that their dedication pays off! Our Form 2 students were:

  • David Daniel
  • Odemary Philibert
  • Daniel Elirehema
  • Dorcas Ramadhan
  • Mathew Logeria
  • Athumani Juma
  • Paulina Emmanuel
  • Rachael Isack
  • Patrick Anderson
  • Neema Samson
  • Neema Makairos
  • Zawadi Seng’enge

Moving on to Primary School scholars, we had 5 scholars graduate and move on to Secondary School in 2019. They all did very well, with 2 scholars getting As, 2 getting Bs, and 1 getting a C. The team did not hesitate to express our happiness, preparing a results cake for them too! These scholars were:

  • Aminiel Daniel
  • Angel Frank
  • Glory Humphrey
  • Kennedy Lomboi
  • Upendo Lengiten

Finally, our youngest testers were in Class 4, with all of them passing and promoted to Class 5. These scholars were:

  • Andrea Malaki
  • Elizabeth Lazaro
  • Gideon Lesimiye
  • Omari Yasini
  • Paulina Memiriek
  • Bryson Sirili

All of our Form 4 students are looking at either going to A-levels or starting college classes, and all of the younger scholars are continuing on their academic journey and have progressed to the next step. We are so proud of all of our students for their hard work and are excited to see them continue to succeed in and out of the classroom. Cheers!!