Learning Through Service

Part of what makes our work at TFFT unique is our holistic mission to empower orphaned and vulnerable children so that they can reach their full potential and thrive in their communities. We seek to nurture strengths and bring out the best in each and every scholar. Using mentorship and coaching, we  help our scholars discover their interests and passions, build their confidence and communications skills, and gain clarity for the future. Further, The Foundation For Tomorrow uses community service experience to help students learn real life skills while giving back to their communities. 

Meet David Abraham, one of our academically gifted students. He is one out of 12 other scholars who are currently engaging in community service. 

David joined a construction team to build a secondary school (high school)  for the marginalized community around Maji ya Chai in Arusha, Tanzania.

David’s role is laborious and often challenging: he mixes sand and cement, lays and lifts cement blocks, offloads construction materials, and supervises a group of volunteers, those who are responsible for raising funds for the construction of school. 

When asked how he feels about supporting the construction teams to build the school, David replied, “I feel very blessed to take part in building this school because I know that it is going to help a lot of children who are currently walking a very long distance to attend schools in neighboring villages since their village does not have a secondary school.” David added, “Having been supported by The Foundation For Tomorrow; it brings me deeper and gratitude to take part in a project that is built to help other children access their right to education”. 

David, who dreams of becoming an architect, said “Prior to beginning this service, I didn’t know whether it was going to bring me any personal gains. I was happy  knowing that I was doing the right thing for [other vulnerable children], but working under the supervision of both the architects and laborers has helped me learn more about architecture as a profession.” 

This is a fantastic example of how just one of our scholars is learning by leading! We look forward to learning more about the ways in which David contributes to his community in meaningful and relevant ways, while learning more about his career interests.