Learning Support for Scholars

TFFT believes in the power of education and that geography should not dictate an individual’s life trajectory. We envision a world where all children contribute to the society as active and empowered citizens free of exclusion, disadvantage, and vulnerability.

Through the Scholarship Program, TFFT equips marginalized children in Tanzania with the education and skills required to reach their full potential and have a positive impact on society. We help our scholars become their personal best.
To achieve this goal, the Learning Support Program (LSP) was established, which strives to help the struggling students on a personal level. The LSP has been customized to suit the needs of each scholars, therefore we have 3 units for LSP located at Usa River Academy Primary, Usa River Academy Secondary and Shepherds Secondary School.

Through LSP, students who have difficulties in some subjects and concepts gets extra coaching from accomplished teachers. Teachers chosen for LSP are specifically trained to help students with various struggles in classes and help them to reach their full potential.

The program has also been helpful to those in candidate classes, or important testing years, like Forms 2 and 4, as it allows the students to better prepare for the exams.
Einoth Lebie, a Form 4 student, said, “Thanks to TFFT for being considerate and create the LSP. It makes us revise the topics which were not understood at the time they were taught  in classI feel more equipped and confident to face the exams now than ever and I promise my results will be good!”

The program has been structured so that the few secondary students who need more help in major subjects are assisted during school breaks, as well as through throughout the year. TFFT’s founding principle is to provide orphan and vulnerable children access to quality education. TFFT’s Scholarship Program has provided not only a previously out-of-reach educational opportunity, but also enriches the life of the whole child. The TFFT team understands that every child that comes to us has varying strengths, challenges, and goals. Despite what these may be, every child that joins the TFFT Scholarship Program is a cherished individual, whose hopes and dreams become our hopes and dreams.