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Share The Love

Share The Love – TFFT’s annual youth-led fundraising campaign! Share The Love embodies the power of collective impact and is our favorite way to engage and energize TFFT’s youngest supporters to take action as ambassadors for TFFT.

Alexandra Connors

My name is Alexandra Connors and TFFT is an amazing foundation! I am fundraising for TFFT so we can provide scholarships, uniforms, textbooks and more for kids like me, who attend school in Tanzania. Volunteering with TFFT has really made me realize how big the world is, and the little things I can do to make a difference, and you can make a difference as well. By donating any amount you are helping to provide resources and an education to a child who needs it.

Ava Claire Davis

Hi! My name is Ava Claire Davis, and I am a 14 year old 8th grader at Christ Church Episcopal School in Greenville, SC. I enjoy playing tennis, traveling and spending time with my family, friends and pets. I went on my first Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic in the Summer of 2018, and loved helping teach and play with the boys in the orphanage where we worked. I first learned about TFFT when Meghann spent a weekend at my house in October of this past year, and am thrilled that I have been invited to serve as a Team Leader this year! I’m planning to hold a fundraising party at my house soon where everyone will be able to make Valentine’s Day cards for the children of TFFT. Thank you for your help and support as we all work together to Share the Love!

Cate DuPuy

This is my third year participating in Share the Love, and I’m so excited to get started! I am the president of the TFFT club at Myers Park High School and have greatly enjoyed the last two years of getting students involved and making a difference alongside our school community. The TFFT scholars, as well as the members of the organization who work so hard to have an impact on these communities, serve as a great inspiration to my involvement over the past few years.

Caitlyn Waters

Caitlyn graduated from Charlotte Country Day School in 2019 and is currently studying at Wofford University. We are thrilled to have her and her sister, Mary Holland, participate in Share the Love for the first time!

Mary Holland Waters

Hi. My name is Mary Holland Waters and I go to Charlotte Country Day School. I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends, traveling, and playing basketball. I went on a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico last summer to build housing and it really changed my view on the world. I loved spending time with the local population and learning all about the people in the area. I am very excited to be an ambassador for TFFT for the first time this year. Thank you very much for your support as we share the love!


At the Myers Park TFFT Club, we want to do our part to contribute to the organization in any way that we can! As Share the Love emphasizes, we greatly value the contributions of young leaders, and hope to use this opportunity to bring out the leadership and creativity of the members of our club and club leadership. Every one of us has been inspired by The Foundation For Tomorrow’s cause, and we want to give back to the scholars who have inspired our action through this creative and collaborative fundraising campaign!

Nora Hoover

Nora is a student at Myers Park High School and is a member of the Myers Park TFFT Club. We are grateful that she is serving as a first-time Share the Love leader!

Pray Summers

My name is Pray Summers and I’m in 8th grade in Ohio. I was born in Tanzania and spent my first three years at Nkoaranga Orphanage. I spent those years with many of the TFFT kids. After I left the orphanage with my adopted mom, we often spent time with the scholars at their school. I moved to Ohio in 2013 and get to keep in touch with my friends through TFFT. I’m excited to spread awareness about the importance of quality education in my home country with my friends here in the US.

Richard Augustino Pallangyo

My name is Richard Augustino Pallangyo and I am a TFFT alum. I am currently a student at Seattle University studying Computer Science. I first joined TFFT as a scholar in 2008. TFFT and my sponsors have impacted my life in a special way, and now I want to provide opportunity for others like me through Share the Love. I have grown to believe that making the world a better place is one of my biggest purpose in life. I would love to see other TFFT scholars have their life changed in the same positive way, to be able to access opportunities that will enable them to tap fully into their potential, and use their success to improve their communities. My hope is that other TFFT scholars are able to expand and achieve their dreams too. Please join me!!!

Virginia Denmead

My name is Virginia Denmead, and I am 14 years old, Year 9 student at St. Bede’s Inter-Church School in Cambridge, England. I am an avid runner and swimmer, and I have recently joined a local rowing club. I am passionate about the world around me, particularly the environment, and have participated in weekly protest activities here in Cambridge to ensure the youth of the UK is heard on this issue. I am also committed to making a difference, no matter how big or small, on the lives of young people around the world. I am excited to be a part of The Foundation For Tomorrow’s Share The Love campaign for a second year. Thank you very much for your support!