2019 Graduates & College Students

The Foundation For Tomorrow scholarship last up to two years after Form 4 education. This gives a TFFT scholarship beneficiary option of either joining A-level studies after the Form 4 graduation or go directly to college courses to prepare for a professional career. It is TFFT’s belief that after two years post Form 4 education the vulnerability of the kids has been reduced to the point that he or she can excel well to other levels without TFFT financial support. Therefore when the scholarship ends the beneficiary is officially termed as a TFFT alum, who can still access the counseling and guiding services through TFFT mentoring and couching program.

In 2019, five (5) scholars completed Form 6.

Those that completed Form 6 were Amani Wilson, Fadhili Peter, Joachim Filbert, Allan Veraeli, and Ashura Yohana. Amani, Fadhili, and Allan took arts combination in their A-level studies, Joachim focused on science, and Ashura on business. All scholars are confident and looking toward the future full of hope. “We are prepared to pass!” Allan replied when asked about his expectations after taking the Form 6 exam.

Only Allan had an official school graduation ceremony in April, so the TFFT team arranged a lunch to celebrate each scholar’s accomplishments, complete with grad gifts and cake. Scholars reflected on their school experiences, with Joachim saying he’ll miss attending Youth Camp and Allan expressing how much he’ll miss just being a TFFT Scholar!

The team also used this time to prepare expectations for our graduates as they enter the next phase of their lives and become alumni of the TFFT Scholarship Program. Thabisani, TFFT’s Country Director, introduced Uswege, who is our new Mentoring and Coaching Coordinator. Uswege will be leading the alumni programs, which helps us maintain relationships with scholars after their time in our program, helps them with resume building, job readiness, and more. On behalf of the Form 6 graduates, Joachim thanked the TFFT staff, sponsors, donors, and supporters for taking on the role of helping prepare them for the future, and we finalized by cutting the cake and celebration!

Along with our Form 6 graduates, TFFT had six (6) scholars opt for college in different courses. Among them, four scholars have already begun courses—Monica, Joyce, Sophia and Helen. They were very excited to join Green Bird Institution, with Monica joining for teaching and the other 3 in Business Studies in Procurement and Supply.

The TFFT Team is so proud of all of the graduates and college attendees. Seeing their progress and move toward their futures is a true testament of the impact our sponsors and donors have in their lives. Education is power, and we can’t wait to see how our scholars and alumni use this power to impact their worlds.