105 Destinies

105. To many this is just another number, but to the TFFT family it is our 2020 goal. 105 destinies are in our hands to impact, carefully guide, and support them to reach their goals. In such a time as now when life as we know it is shaken, we can only imagine what goes on in the minds of these young scholars. Many have been asking how their dear sponsors are doing, hearing the news of thousands of deaths in the United States. 105 destinies look upon your support to pursue their dream and educational careers. 

Last year we came across six young souls around the age of seven. They all had such poor backgrounds and academic and health challenges. Their parents love them but there isn’t much they can do to provide a better life or education for their children. When TFFT enrolled them in our Scholarship Program, they were all so excited to join a new and better school. Now, their reddish hair has regained its thick black color, they are happy and healthy with bright eyes, smiles, and joyful spirits as they play in the fields with their colleagues. These boys and girls are starting to adjust to their new normal, all because of your unwavering and committed support. Now, they are talking about different goals for their lives. For example, when they grow up, some want to be engineers and construct big buildings in the cities and build wells around their homes to help their mothers so they don’t have to go long distances to get water for daily use. One wants to be a lawyer because she wants to make sure that justice is served for her mother and other women who endure domestic violence. These dreams, valid dreams, will only be realized when we commit ourselves to support them even during such trying times. 

What better way to secure the future of the young generation than by supporting them to gain knowledge and understanding, and to illuminate their minds with possibilities of a bright future for them and the communities they come from? This is TFFT’s goal: eradicating poverty through the lens of education.