When COVID-19 first began, the pandemic was a worry and shock to everybody worldwide. No one was sure about his or her survival of this dangerous disease! The second concern has been the effect that COVID-19 will have on education across the world.

TFFT has proactively reacted to increase awareness of the disease and prevention measures to our scholars. We educated all of our scholars’ families on the importance of frequently washing hands and staying away from crowds.

We also distributed soap, facemasks, study materials, and food relief packets to scholars and their families.

In order to study while at home, the schools adapted to digital distance learning through social media. Most schools used the WhatsApp platform, and a few students used Shule Direct, software that allowed for study material to be delivered to scholars each week.

The major challenge has been that out scholars are from vulnerable families who do not have access to technology of this kind.

Thus, the entire TFFT team had to focus and take part of the physical distribution and assessment of assignments. This was a challenge as some of our scholars live 300+ kilometers from TFFT office; this meant many day trips driving in a rough and remote road.

TFFT scholars in three different grades have upcoming examinations: A-level, Form Four, and Class Seven. This group of students were supported as per individual need. A-levels scholars were assisted through home visits by high quality teachers. Struggling class seven scholars had to be taught in the teachers’ home, where we paid for fostering fees and tuition session’s fee. These operations ensured that all TFFT could receive the best educational support during the ongoing pandemic.

After three months, educational institutions reopened. Phase one began on June 1st with universities, form six, and colleges opening first. Phase two begin today, on June 29th, with all TFFT back to school. Before all students returned today, we hosted an orientation session to help smoothen their fears and prepare them to take necessary precautions on their school campuses, as COVID-19 is still a threat. To ensure the health of TFFT scholars, TFFT took them to their respective schools or colleges to reduce the risk of infections in public transport. We supplied all scholars with preventative items, such as face-masks, hygiene materials, as well as active health insurance cards. TFFT is going to work closely with schools during this transition time and will offer even greater support to all scholars, and will pay close attention to the needs of any struggling scholars.