The Foundation For Tomorrow’s core program is our Scholarship Program, which encompasses our Full Circle and Tutoring programs. This is our longitudinal investment in the leaders of tomorrow. Our Teacher Training Program’s reach extends throughout the country. This is our investment in the educational system at large.


TFFT is proud to have 82 kids in our Scholarship Program. Most importantly, we personally know the children we support. We aim to provide much more than education, a backpack, food, and water. A person survives with education, a backpack, food, and water. A person thrives with love, support, and guidance. We want TFFT kids to thrive.

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We recognize that most of life’s most important lessons are typically modeled in a healthy home environment. Our children suffer from traumatic pasts lacking stable home environments, and Full Circle, TFFT’s after school program, aims to meet the personal and emotional needs of the orphaned and vulnerable children we support. This program is custom designed to develop leadership skills and confidence and to provide students with the skills necessary to become independent, responsible, and compassionate adults prepared to live healthy and productive lives.

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We believe that improving educators’ teacher methods and style and providing professional development opportunities to cultivate leadership and management skills will inspire a love of learning in our students and will improve the quality of their education.

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We intend to invest in both the Arumeru community as well as it’s people. With plans of completion of this project in late 2013, TFFT intends to invest over $240,000 USD in order to build, run, and operate the first ever interactive Learning Center in the Usa River area.

Not only will there be a contribution to the community that will last for years in the way of this learning center, TFFT’s hope is that we will be able to employ a wide variety of people to complete this project. TFFT estimates that over 100 professionals will be hired as a result of this project. This includes, teachers, librarians, contractors, etc. We will be bringing attention to the area that we hope will highlight the need and efficiency of the Arumeru district, and in turn further investment in the District.

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