Compliments of the New Year! I hope you are ready for the rewards and demands of this new decade as 2020 ushers in renewed hope, an invigorated focus, and reignited passion to pursue personal dreams, education and career goals. I trust that in this year or decade you turn imagined futures into endless possibilities and you don’t just count the days but make the days count.

As has become the norm rather than the exception at The Foundation For Tomorrow’s Tanzania (TFFT-TZ) Office in Arusha, we hit the ground running making preparations to get all 105 of our scholars back to school. We welcomed 6 new scholars into the Scholarship Program as they start their journey under our model to access quality, lifelong education where they can reach their full potential and thrive in their communities as empowered citizens. Congratulations to our Form Four Class of 2019 (a total of 14 scholars), all of whom passed their exams and produced fairly impressive results in the National Examination Council of Tanzania (NECTA) exams. Advanced level studies or college awaits them. Whatever educational or career path they choose to pursue, TFFT stands behind them and will invest in their potential and enable them to become the best versions of themselves they can be!

Powering Potential in 2020

The year 2020 represents the year of championing our core values: empowerment, integrity, growth, collaboration; impact, and empathy. Through our continued networking and collaboration with our boundary partners, we endeavor to ensure that educational management systems will become more sensitive, open, transparent and learner friendly and will focus on providing academic support to students. TFFT will continue to strive for the realization of the overall vision of Education – 2020, which is to create a knowledge society. This is what TFFT has embodied since inception almost 14 years ago and will continue to work towards both now and in the future.

TFFT still believes in the potent and transformative power of education and recognizes that quality education is both as a basic right and a prerequisite for achieving wider social, cultural and economic goals set for the Tanzanian nation. By championing our core values, TFFT will endeavor to reinforce the meaning of a quality education as one that is pedagogically and developmentally sound and one that educates the student in becoming active and productive members of society. Our Teacher Training Program, with its evidence based and needs informed innovative implementation strategies, will influence quality learning, that is, learning that is purposeful, learning in which learners are provided with the ability to effectively learn and retain skills and knowledge gained.

As we champion our values, TFFT will reinforce the aim of education: to grow children into productive citizens that use their knowledge, talents, and skills to sustain themselves, help others, and push the human race forward in areas of equality, equity, and harmony.

TFFT will contribute to sustainable livelihoods and poverty reduction strategies with our scholars’ parents and guardians through innovative income generation strategies.

2020 is the last decade towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and we believe that every goal in the 2030 Agenda requires education to empower people with the knowledge, skills and values to live a life of dignity, to strengthen their lives, and to contribute to their societies. Undoubtedly, obtaining a quality education underpins a range of fundamental development drivers.

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