Welcoming Janeth

April 8, 2021

Please join us in welcoming Janeth, TFFT’s Finance and Administrative Coordinator.

Janeth is a very hardworking, multi tasking and decisive professional. She holds an MBA in Finance and has over 6 years of working experience in providing financial and administrative support to charitable organizations. She has a strong skills set ranging from overseeing the accounting and administrative tasks including payment runs, maintenance of financial records, ensuring financial data accuracy, overseeing smooth running of office operations, facilitating NGO compliance and managing human resources.

She is committed, organized, smart and she goes above and beyond expectations. Ever since she graduated from University, she has been passionate about working with marginalized and vulnerable children so that they may secure quality education and thrive in their communities. Being on the TFFT team, Janeth is most “looking forward to seeing orphaned and vulnerable children rising out of poverty to become contributing citizens to their society”!