The Learning Centre: Video Update


June 4, 2021

The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) works to secure quality education and emotional support for orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania and improve the quality of education in the classroom. Our new endeavor – The Learning Centre – is a first-of-its-kind community hub that will provide the surrounding community with previously out-of-reach educational, vocational, and entrepreneurial resources.

Building upon 15 years of work with scholars, their parents and guardians, teachers, school administrators, and other community partners in northern Tanzania, The Learning Centre will consolidate our programs into a central location and provide resources and offer valuable programming for the entire community.

The need for quality education in Tanzania is more critical than ever, and systemic change must start at the community level. The Learning Centre will foster healthy and productive communities of people who represent a positive future for their nation and hope for our world.

The Learning Centre will meet barriers to education head on with the expansion and strengthening of TFFT’s commitment to the students, teachers, families, and communities that we have worked with for 15 years to embolden sustainable pathways toward opportunity. It will bring quality education to the learner wherever they are in their educational journey. Housing a Library, Literacy Lab, Computer and Technology Training Centre, Higher Education Advisory and Scholarship Centre, Teacher Training Facility, and an NGO and Social Entrepreneurship Incubator, this facility will be a catalyst for learning, inspiring a generation of learners and leaders. The Centre is designed in partnership with local government, including the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare, and with the support of our steadfast partners.

To learn more about what is to come with The Learning Centre, watch our new video, recently filmed in Tanzania by The Halle Project.