Ndera’s Educational Journey

July 16, 2021

Friday feature!

This week’s blog is written by Ndera, a TFFT alumna who recently completed her time with our Scholarship Program. After twelve incredible years with TFFT, Ndera is excited for what lies ahead. With the education she has received, she is ready for her nexts steps which include dreaming big and taking action! By persevering through the challenges she has faced to create the future she hopes for, Ndera’s success will create exponential impact for herself.

“My name is Ndera Emmanuel Mbise. I was born on the 16th of January. When I was born, both of my parents died. I still don’t know what they died from. Nkoaranga Orphanage took care of me due to me being an orphan. At Nkoaranga, we had lots of funny and hard times together and faced lots of challenges. Before entering TFFT, I studied at Nkoaranga School, with the other children from the orphanage. When the TFFT team selected me as a scholar, my eyes and dreams of my future were opened. We used to study at government school but that was very difficult because there were many children in the classroom. I got the good news that I would be attending a new school, Fikiria Kwanza Academy, a private school.

The school was very nice. The first day was just like what I dreamed of in my imagination, but as the days went on, I believed that it was not just a dream but a dream come true. I stayed there for almost three years and then switched schools to Usa River Academy. I studied there from Class Two until I finished my primary education, which was in Class Seven. When I finished Class Seven, graduation was held so that we students could be congratulated for the great job of studying hard. At my graduation I was happy because TFFT never let me be ashamed or feel that I was left alone because they showed me that they are always there in any situation. I was also happy because my step parents were there.

After my primary education, I started my secondary education. Whatever it was I needed for my secondary education, the TFFT team was working hard to ensure that I had. I started to study first at Star High Secondary School for two years and then moved on to Shepherds Secondary School. School was great and I finished my secondary education and graduated from Form Four. Before finishing my secondary education, l took my national exams. The results were nice and I was chosen to study at another level, Form Five and Form Six. After these two years of studying, my scholarship came to a close. My educational support from TFFT ends here, as I completed Form Six now, but I will receive support as an alumna. Before leaving the program, the TFFT team shared words of advice with me. Before saying a word of goodbye, they prepared a big graduation celebration, which had a lot of funny games. This celebration will surely be a memory that I won’t forget. Thanks so much to the TFFT team for being there and supporting me. They acted as my family, relatives, friends, neighbors, and everything in my life. I love TFFT’s team. They all mean a lot to me because they have been with me since my childhood until now. I know that I will always receive mentorship and support from TFFT in the future, as I pursue a career as a nutritionist. I am proud of being a TFFT scholar and now an alumna.”

Ndera (pictured right) with other TFFT scholars and the TFFT staff at their graduation celebration