Last month, I worked on coordinating a math and science project, targeted to help some of our scholars who need extra attention in these subjects. The project is set to provide academic assistance to secondary students who need more time and focused learning in math, chemistry, physics, and biology. We hope that the scholars will gain a deeper level of understanding and confidence in these subjects. There are 22 TFFT Scholars involved in this tutorial support project to increase academic achievement.

The process of organizing, preparing, and giving the tutorials is exciting to the team, the teachers involved, and the scholars themselves. In preparation for the tutorials, the main objectives of the project and expectations from students were made clear. We used the progress report cards and listened to the students’ needs to help in the development of the program as a whole.

For the past three weeks, the scholars have been working with tutors in a classroom setting. They have engaged in different tasks, both one on one and in small groups led by the teachers. This has provided students with the opportunity to ask detailed questions about the subject matter and then to practice skills gained. Moreover, each week, we get feedback from the students about the teaching and learning. They share their opinions about the content, types of tasks, their needs, and expectations. This gives us a better understanding of what kind of support to provide and how to provide it to those who are in need.

The scholars are excited about this opportunity. Most of them believe that attending the tutorials will help them to perform better academically. The extra help and support we provide will ensure that all of our scholars meet their academic goals. We are committed to developing and providing the extra help and support that our scholars need in order to reach their academic success.


Noah Kayanda.