Daniel interns with our Psychosocial & Health Program to build TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives. His strong passion for our mission is inspiring, and we have seen him bring a positive impact to TFFT’s work. Read Daniel’s reflection about his latest projects below.

TFFT’s Livelihood Initiative project helps our scholars’ parents and guardians learn and jump-start business plans to supplement household income. We aim to enable guardians to support their families and provide for their children. We also hope that children within these households can observe and learn livelihood skills from their guardians.

This month, I visited the guardians involved in TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives to observe the progress that they have each made. The households that I visited received a loan from TFFT within the past one-two months. I was able to assess the progress made and help them to incorporate any business advice.

In the monitoring visit survey, the guardians were asked questions about their work and how many hours per week they spend working, exactly how they used their loan from TFFT, how profitable the business is, and how they will manage the profits to repay TFFT for the loan. We also discussed the number of customers who come to the business, the records that each guardian logs each day, who is responsible for daily operations and purchases, and what they view as successes and challenges.

During visits, I worked to help solve any challenges that guardians said they faced in business. I provided education and ideas about customer care and innovative business ideas to attract more customers and raise profits. TFFT’s intention is to ensure that the guardians of our scholars succeed in their business ventures.

I visited six guardians who live in Usa River, Sakina, Kikatiti, and Unga Limited. Their businesses include selling swarm, charcoal, and fish, keeping chicken, selling maize in the market, and selling drinks like beer and soda. Each guardian has expressed happiness for the livelihood opportunities that TFFT has helped to provide them. They also see the benefits that they are able to provide to family members and take pleasure in the ability to provide for their family’s basic needs. Many aspire to continue to grow their business through TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives. The guardians have so much pride for their work and give thanks to TFFT for the help they have received through this project.