Livelihood Initiatives in Engaruka Village

Daniel interns with our Psychosocial & Health Program to build TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives. His strong passion for our mission is inspiring, and we have seen him bring a positive impact to TFFT’s work. Read Daniel’s reflection about his latest experience meeting with a community of women from Engaruka Village below.

In mid-February, I went to Engaruka Village to meet with a group called Moyo Africa which leads various groups of women in Engaruka village. One group that I met with was called Neema group, with 23 members, and the second group called Namunyaki with 29 members. I went there to interview them and explain The Foundation For Tomorrow’s Livelihood Initiatives project.

I explained TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives, based on improving the livelihood of the family by providing a loan of 500,000 Tanzanian Shillings (~$220) per participant. Each loan will be repaid after one year without interest.

Many women that I spoke with showed an interest in taking a loan to improve their livelihood and provide for their families. They spoke of goals to start businesses such as buying and selling maize, sugar, drinks like soda, beer, tea, and buying sheep and goats to eventually sell.

So far, each group of women has begun projects. Neema group purchased sheep and goats, with the plan of feeding, growing, and after six month selling them. Now the group has 10 goats and 5 sheep. Namushaki group also bought livestock to feed and sell. This group now has two cows and two sheep.

I also explained that we have given loans to other women who produce beaded work. The women of Engaruka said that they believe buying livestock to raise and sell will be a profitable project. Through that profit, the women will provide for their children. The group has a longterm goal of buying a grinding machine (for corn). Neema group also agreed together to buy and sell maize at Engaruka Market as a way to develop their livestock project.

Each group is full of hardworking women with the experience needed for the projects they want to start. TFFT helps support them to achieve their goals.