Intern Devany Reflects on her Time in Tanzania

So here I am, halfway through my 5 months in Tanzania. As time is flashing by and the memories are building up, I feel bonded with Tanzania. In the beginning, I had a hard time getting used to the new environment. I started my internship at an opportune time. We started off with a team building exercise, when I got to know more about TFFT and all of my new colleagues. It was a fun way to start and it made me a lot more comfortable in my new role. The following week was the TFFT vision trip, where I had the opportunity to meet some TFFT donors. Their love for the organization and the impact it has on the TFFT scholars was evident and inspiring.

I have always wanted to contribute to this kind of purposeful work abroad which is That’s why I decided to do my internship here in Tanzania. I help the team where they need it while also developing my own skills. Plus, I get to know this amazingly beautiful country!

In just ten weeks, I’ve had the fortune to get to know TFFT and much of the impactful work the Foundation does. The team really took me under their wings and made me feel totally welcome. In my time here I have created a time management training and learned a lot about important hand washing hygiene interventions. I plan to implement this program at a partner school in the coming weeks.

At each school visit I had the chance to hear from TFFT scholars and their dreams for the future. It’s amazing how strong those kids are and how determined they are to reach their goals.

I am excited for what the next 10 weeks are going to bring me, and I know this will be a sad farewell at the end of this adventure!