In 2018, We are #hopefulfor more children to have equal access to quality education because we believe that education transforms lives. Haruni recaps this past fall, discussing the exciting accomplishments that took place with 16 scholars graduating to their respective next levels.

From August to October this year, the TFFT family celebrated the graduation of our sixteen (16) scholars from different partner schools.

On August 26th, Mandu Joseph and Yusuf Logeria completed their final year in primary level from Usa River AcademyLikewise, on September 16th, 8 of our scholars—Abednego Augustino, Namayani Lindimi, Rehema Juma, Robert Sirili, Joshua Daniel, Philimini Julius, Happy Dismas, and Esther Emanuel—completed their primary school at Arusha Modern School. Asha Juma and Faidha Shaban, our lone scholars at St. Catherine’s in Lushuto and Amani Primary School respectively, also bid adieu to their primary school mates in September. The TFFT team in Tanzania along with members of our US team were all happy to see these children accomplish this milestone in accessing quality education that will enable them to reach their full potential and thrive in their communities.

At the Arusha Modern School graduation, Abednego was among the students who received “subject recognition awards” clinching the award for Best Student in Mathematics. At Usa River Academy, Mandu Joseph also received the Best in Sports award.

All of our Class 7 graduates performed well in their primary level national examination with 2 scoring A’s, 8 scoring B’s, and 1 a C. We couldn’t be happier with the results! All of these scholars exerted their best efforts to achieve these results. 

On September 30th, 3 of our secondary scholars also had their graduation from their O’ Levels (Form 4), Paulina Karienge and Dickson Simon from Star High School and Joshua Mbwambo from Tengeru Boys’ Secondary School. We were happy that Denise MacFadden, a member of our US Board of Directors, was there with us as we celebrated Dickson and Paulina on their special day. Rounding out graduation for this period was Rosemary Pallangyo, who also finished her O-level at Sega Girls’ Academy in Morogoro. Rosemary was so proud of her achievements. I was there to congratulate her and her foster mother also traveled from Arusha to Morogoro to attend this important event. All of our students who completed Form 4 are hopeful to score well in their Form 4 National Examination, which will dictate whether they move to A-level or take a certificate course from a tertiary institution.

Celebrating the graduation of our scholars is something that we relish and take earnestly because we know the challenges our scholars have surmounted to get this far. The scholars and entire TFFT team are grateful to the support of their sponsors, TFFT donors and supporters without which these celebrations wouldn’t have happened. Asante na nashukuru sana.