Graduation at Usa River Academy!

On August 26th, The TFFT family celebrated the graduation of two scholars, Yusuph E. Logeria and Mandu Joseph, from Usa River Academy. This milestone is a great symbol of TFFT’s work. The TFFT team, donors, volunteers, and partners are all happy to see orphans and vulnerable children have access to quality education so that they may reach their full potential and thrive in their community.

Yusuph and Mandu completed Class 7. They will sit for their Class 7 National Exams next week. Mandu and Yusuph both feel confident about the upcoming exams. It meant a lot to them that the TFFT team showed up to support them on their special day. Yusuph said that he is proud of his accomplishments and that graduating Class 7 is his first step towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a police officer. “Thanks to TFFT for helping me from baby class through graduation. After completing my secondary education, I want to be a police officer and serve my country” he said. This graduation was also a special mark for TFFT because Yusuph, the third of the triplets that captured Meghann’s heart at Nkoaranga Orphanage in 2004, graduated Class 7.

Mandu considers his graduation from Class 7 as the beginning of preparation towards the long journey to become an Engineer. “I am a graduate, and I am so happy for this day! I thank TFFT for supporting me since I was a baby. After finishing my studies I want to be an engineer” Mandu said excitedly when asked how way it felt to be a graduate.

It was wonderful to see the TFFT team witness some of our scholars receive recognition awards for various areas. Angel Nyange received an academic award for best Preparatory Class pupil of the year, Salome Joseph the best Class 1 pupil of the year, Nelson Greyson the best Class 5 pupil of the year and a certificate of appreciation for showing exemplary leadership ability, and Athumani Juma the best Form 1 pupil of the year.

In addition to the academic awards, certificates of appreciation where awarded to Gideon Loishiye for most academic improvements and the most disciplined pupil in his class, Paulina Mimereki for most academic improvements in her class, and Kennedy Lomboy for best sport.

Throughout the day, all of the students at Usa River Academy participated in various performances to celebrate graduation. I loved the moment of getting to see TFFT Scholar Omary on the stage, performing an amazing and interesting dance. He captured the entire audience! All of the TFFT Scholars participated in these performances with their peers, and each scholar shined in the activities.

And now, some more pictures from graduation day… it was a cheerful and exciting celebration for all!