Ensuring Mutual Success: Regulators and Overseers

Boundary Partners are individuals, groups, or organizations with whom TFFT works in our efforts to create greater opportunities for influence. TFFT currently has five boundary partners. These include scholars (beneficiaries of our scholarship program), students (who are not beneficiaries of our scholarship program), caregivers (guardians, parents, or institutions that care of our scholars), teachers, and regulators and overseers. This blog will highlight how we work with Regulators and Overseers. 

TFFT actively engages with government entities to influence sustainable and widespread change in Tanzania. Our partnership with Regulators and Overseers works to ensure that schools and homes best protect the interest of scholars. School management teams and school quality assurers examine the quality of the school environment, pedagogy, educational outcomes and the child’s experience at school. Social Welfare is engaged in the identification process of our scholars and fostering processes.  TFFT works to empower the Regulators and Overseers that we work with to provide them with the resources to strengthen and enhance their efforts. For example, TFFT has been building the capacity of school leadership teams and Ward Education Coordinators in Arusha City, Meru and Arusha Districts so that they are able to effectively manage teaching and learning in their respective schools. TFFT believes that a strong regulatory regime will lead to a safe environment for both teachers and students,  improving the quality of education and heightening learning outcomes.

Partnering with the Ministry of Education, we started the Teacher of Distinction Award in 2015 in Meru and Arusha District Councils, in hopes of providing inspiration and support to teachers for educating Tanzanian students to the best of their abilities, despite the challenges that they face. The government was actively involved throughout the deliberation procedures and criteria for the selection of the awardees. Two years later, the Meru and Arusha District Councils  took ownership of this initiative to annually recognize outstanding teachers on World Teachers Day.  

We have a positive relationship with the Overseers and Regulators that we work with and see the far reaching benefits of this partnership. The Overseers and Regulators have been very receptive and supportive to TFFT’s initiatives to improve the learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. The Education Department in three district, the Ward Education Coordinators, the school management teams, and the village leaders play an instrumental role in collaborating with us. Among other things, these partners implement and oversee Teacher Training, The Lunch Project’s feeding program, child right training, the construction of pit latrines, and the enrollment of new scholars at our partnering schools. 

TFFT appreciates the  trust and collaborative spirit of our partnership with Regulators and Overseers. This partnership makes our work easier and more effective.  Going forward, we will continue to strategically engage Regulators and Overseers in order to make a bold change to education in Tanzania.