Create, Engage, Grow: 2018 So Far!

Starting in 2018, we began shifting the way we discussed the work that TFFT does. In order to make sure that everything we do is working toward our mission of securing quality education for orphan and vulnerable children, we began asking ourselves: “How do we create, engage, and grow with our networks and programs?”  We are halfway through 2018 (wow!) and we want to share with you, our TFFT family, how we have used these questions to guide our programming from January until now.

  • A new school partnership! Shepards School, started in 2003 for 10 nursery school students, has grown to over 600 students, including a secondary school that ranks in the top 5% regionally and top 2% nationally in Tanzania. We had 22 TFFT secondary scholars join this exceptional environment!
  • A brand new Ambassador Program! Our 12 in 12 program, started in our 12th year with 12 events around the world, will continue to connect TFFT supporters and help us continue to grow into the next decade as a sustainable organization.
  • Classroom Champions! The Classroom Champions program was created and implemented this year. Becoming a Classroom Champion allows an individual, a family, a classroom or a group of friends to make a connection with a Tanzanian teacher and his or her classroom. This highly impactful program gives our donors, teachers, and their students a unique opportunity to connect personally with our programming in Tanzania. Donors will gain a first hand understanding of the school they are supporting and the impact their contribution has made in the classroom. This partnership also allows for pen pal relationships and tangible giving opportunities such as classroom wish-lists.

  • We shared the love! TFFT’s 6th annual Share the Love campaign was a big success, raising $6,833 to invest in educators in Tanzania! The Share the Love campaign also was a huge “friend” raiser, with 750+ donors.
  • #ToolsForTomorrow social media campaign! A hammer represents the TFFT supporter’s role in our toolbox and how you can use your voice to make a big impact. For each hashtag, a donor gave $100 to TFFT! With a simple post, you have made it possible for us to raise funds to further our mission of supporting orphan and vulnerable children through education.
  • New sponsors! With scholars still in need of sponsors entering 2018, we were able to meet that need and welcome new sponsors to the TFFT family.

  • Philanthropy has shifted from power and decisions held by few, to peer driven and made by many. From the Kilimanjaro half marathon, to 5Ks in your own hometowns, to RIDETZ, you’ve helped us grow our impact by using your influence as Team TFFT athletes!
  • 2018 has been focused on determining new ways to light the way and share TFFT’s important impact on the communities we serve. YOU, our TFFT supporters, helped us raise $15,825 during our Lighting the Way Gala in Arusha! This amazing goal will help fuel TFFT’s ability to continue our important work: investing and empowering scholars and educators.
  • Our work is important and critical to creating a just world where ALL children have access to quality education. This work is hard, symbolically it is similar to summiting Mount Kilimanjaro. So far this year, with your help we have accomplished so much! We continue to work hard to further the impact your dollars have on the orphan and vulnerable children we serve. With your assistance, we can further create lasting, sustainable change in the lives of orphan and vulnerable children in Tanzania. Thank you!


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