Building a Promising Future Together


March 12, 2021

TFFT’s founding principle is to provide orphan and vulnerable children access to quality education. Currently, 110 children are enrolled in the TFFT Scholarship Program, providing not only a previously out-of-reach educational opportunity, but also seeking to enrich the life of the whole child. Life skills, psychosocial support, medical care, livelihood training for scholars’ families and guardians, additional academic tutoring, career coaching, and peer-to-peer mentoring are essential parts of growing each scholar. Every child that joins the TFFT Scholarship Program is a cherished individual, whose hopes and dreams become our hopes and dreams.

To TFFT, scholarship sponsors or donors are very important philanthropists who help invest in scholars’ potentials through the potent power of an education by attending school and following their dreams. Our Scholarship sponsors who provide financial assistance to help our scholars navigate rough patches of exclusion, vulnerability and disadvantage induced by poverty and enable our scholars to get closer to their educational and career goals. I run out words to express and convey my sincere, heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering support. Their selfless efforts remind me that superheroes and heroines don’t need to wear caps, instead they give and show love & kindness in abundance. It is my hope and prayer that whatever star they wish upon, they are granted good health and a long life to see what becomes of the seed they planted, watered and showed tender, love and care as it bears fruits and spreads its roots, branches. Thank you to all our TFFT community and tribe for firmly believing in our scholars’ potentials and helping them live the future they have always envisioned  armed with good quality education. Your priceless effort makes the future better.

Tom and Mary Lynn Moser have sponsored TFFT scholar Rachel since she joined our Scholarship Program. We are excited to share what they have written about their experience sponsoring Rachel!

Sponsors Tom and Mary Lynn Moser

“At 9 years old, when she came into TFFT, Rachel Isack was orphaned and HIV positive, with little reason to be hopeful for a promising future.

On top of those challenges, in the years following she experienced eyesight issues and chronic ear infections, learning challenges in school, and this year special Covid risks from her HIV condition.  The opportunity to sponsor Rachel through TFFT has been such a blessing for us, as we have been able to see her, through all these years, persevere through those challenges and build a promising future for herself.

Facing everything life threw at her, she kept that great smile and can do attitude. She studies hard, and God has given her an amazing artistic talent for drawing and crafts. Her drawings are so good that when she first sent some to us, we thought they had been traced from something.

Now, at age 17, Rachel will be taking her national exams later this year to graduate from what we would call high school in the USA.  Then she will go on for more education to prepare for a vocation, perhaps as an artist.

We have Rachel’s photos in several places in our home, as we are very proud of her.  She is an ongoing inspiration to us, as she has overcome so many more challenges than we could ever imagine. She knows that we love her, that we pull for her, and that we pray for her, and we know from her communications that she loves us as well. We are so blessed that Rachel will forever be a part of our lives.”

Rachel over the years

Thanks to their remarkable support over the years, Rachel continues to grow and pursue a bright pathway towards success! With the support of sponsors and the TFFT team, we believe each child’s dream can become a reality and are grateful for such meaningful support from sponsors.

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